Friday, October 14, 2011

Cleaning out the closets...

Ok, this is not an Eminem song..  I had a picture I was going to post that cracks me up but being me, I couldn't remember if I'd already posted it or not.. Duh..  So I had to look thru my posts folder & found a few drafts waiting to be published.. Crazy me, I take the time to write it but never publish?  I dunno.  It's from the summer  but oh well, I'm in a sharing mood today.. lol *shaking head*

Let's start this off with a confession..

Remember how I was bragging a few weeks back about how I got soo much done?  I was housewife supreme that day!! Yay me!  As Anne pointed out,  we housewives have a tendency to try to prove our worth to the world.

So let me just go ahead and confess-  I haven't done shit* today.   Not a thing. Ok, well I did feed the kids but that's just because they whined.   I did give them meds & put the appropriate ones down for naps.. But beyond that- nada.   It's how I'm rollin' today.

Brief pause in thoughts while I go play a few moves on my scrabble games.. Ugh, I'm addicted.  Come play with me- pwettty please??  Words with Friends- 6crazykids  or  Wordfeud (I actually like better!! especially if you like to chat while playing)- MommaChaos.  I so totally dumped DroidWord after it was all nasty with me.  Sorry, not gonna roll like that.  Hmmp!

Ok now that I've given my passionate plea for more friends to play scrabble with.. back to our regularly scheduled thoughts..


*I'm practicing my cussing to bring it back up to par.  My abilities, they are a lacking..   Essie informed me that "Cursing well is a skill that requires practice, just like playing guitar!"  So I'll take her advice even though she sounds all Proper by saying "Cursing" instead of "cussing" which makes me wonder if she truly speaks Chicagoian at all and drops the "h" from her "with"..  Cursing just seems British to me.  Bloody Hell!   Hmm, that's a thought. Everyone loves a British accent, perhaps I should learn to cuss/curse in the Jolly ole England way?  Eh?  Oh wait, that's Canadian.. my bad.



  1. HA! I do say it that way when I'm in Chicago but around here I keep my consonants around. Funny story- when I first introduced my husband (from the southwest) to my mother, he said he couldn't understand anything we said. Between the accent and rapid pace he was lost. LOL!
    She doesn't curse well btw. He doesn't either come to think of it.

  2. LMAO! I can only imagine your poor husband.. With you guys dropping letters and talking so fast being from the south I'm imagining he talked slow and with a drawl? LOL! What a combo! :) I don't think they curse in the south.. They just say Bless her heart :)


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