Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When your computer is inappropriate with you...

Let's start this by stating the obvious.

I had a pretty sheltered life.  I was the "good girl" in school.   Good grades, nice friends, no partying ect.  Although I can now cuss like a sailor, saying the word pe.nis (or really any word for it) still makes me blush.

So it probably comes as no surprise to learn that in our house, the little boys have pee-pees and the girls.. well the girls have never asked to be identified so they just call everything a butt.   Fishing Pole realizes there are differences and is sure that the girls must of done something to break off their pee-pee but he's never outright asked so in my bad parenting mode I have let him believe what he will.

It is also just a fact that while I can and will cuss you up one side and down the other (surprising, I know.. I swear I didn't cuss til I was 18 and things went downhill from there) but if you throw a descriptive body part slang at me (p.uss.y , c.un.t, d.ic.k ) I'll stammer to a halt and blush.   I have no clue why this is.

[not so brief aside -  I have this weird quirk where I love to throw "ness" on the end of a word sometimes.. No clue why I do it but I do.   For example- if I am in a hurry or stressed, I might say "Ohh cuteness" instead "Oh cute".. Or "bitchness".. or "Holy badness" (although that one is usually Holy badwords- which  my kids immediately want to know how a word can be bad & also Holy).   So imagine the shock of everyone in the car when I was rushing home after school & had to Pee soooooo badly.  I'm sitting here chanting nonsense to myself because O.M.G. I have to pee.  And then it comes out..  "Holy Peeeness"  Which obviously sounds like Holy P.enis.   My big kids got all wide eyed and then started laughing hysterically.   I did not live that down for a LONG time. ]

Ok so we have gotten out of the way my odd quirk about private body part names.  I dunno, some strange thing left over from childhood? 

I have this new addiction- scrabble type games.  I've been playing Word with Friends as soon as I found out that it finally had a Droid application.. If you play- come find me (6crazykids) cuz I need more ppl to play with.  hmm that didn't quite come out right.

I also found a similar game only for Droid -- droid words.  So naturally I downloaded it and have been playing it.  If you have it, find me (MommaChaos). The nice thing about DW is that you can play single games against the computer.  Woot! No waiting on another person to have time to play when you do..  So I play against the computer occasionally.  And then it happened...

The computer was completely inappropriate with me.   I admit that I almost played the word d.ic.k.   But I didn't. I held back and played Dock.  Perfectly respectable.   Apparently the computer could not have the same courtesy with me.   The next word it played??



I was all What the F???? It boggles the mind that the computer came up with that word to play against me.   That is the one word I absolutely  never say, it just seems inappropriate. I have no clue why.  

Apparently the computer has no such problems.



  1. LOL, I just did a similar post about um... "stuff".

    You are going to get some funky search hits now!

  2. ha! I told Daddy Chaos about the word useage and he was all "Boy that was ballsy" and then I pointed out that it was the computer not a person & he was flabbergasted.. lol.

  3. Yeah, I don't like that word either!!!!


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