Friday, October 14, 2011

Something new.. Sorta.. ok not really..

It's a little late in the game to even tell you this but hey, I'm nothing if not late.

As you well know, I drive a big ass van.  It's a 12 passenger and I am pretty much in love with it.   Everyone fits, everyone has extra space, I can fit friends in too!   It's perfect.    Except well, it's a beast to park and gets crappy gas mileage.  Still, it's paid off and runs great.  <3

So when everyone started school this year, (I seem to have an over fondness of commas today.) I realized that while no one says much about a big ole van when they see my herd disembarking , I'm going to feel pretty silly driving the Monster around with just me and Dimples.  Did I mention the gas mileage sucks?

So at first we decided to find Daddy Chaos a 'beater' car to drive back & forth to work and I would take his well loved mini van.  Movies for the baby, better gas mileage for me.  Except I couldn't use it to take/pick up the kids to school because I couldn't fit 3 booster seats across the back.  Ugh.  So we gave up the idea and back to driving the Monster everywhere.

Out of no-where, Daddy Chaos happened to drive past a car lot & saw a Saturn Outlook.. with 8 passenger seating.   Thus began the quest for something similar that would be affordable and work for us.

I had requirements, yo!

1. Must have DVD for kids.  MUST.
2. Must have 8 passenger seating (everyone wants to put capt. chairs in the middle and then I'm screwed)
3. Must have back up camera - I used to think that option was crazy.. I drive a 12 passenger Monster w/o a backup camera, why would I need one on this little (comparatively) car and then I drove it and realized that the rear window is situated you can't see anything behind you that is lower than that window (ie. kids, bikes, dogs..)

I have no brand discrimination.. The GM branches (Buick, Chevy, GMC & Saturn) all made virtually the same vehicle so other than price tag, it didn't matter to me.   We happened to find exactly what I was looking for (and more!) fairly quickly, the only problem?? We had to drive 4+hrs to get it.

Hello Huge Ass Windmills!!
Anyone in Ohio that can explain to me what exactly these HUGE windmills are for?  There is a long strip of road that is just like windmill farm after windmill farm and they are GINORMOUS!

There is my Cocoa Dream.. Love the color.. Love the features.  LOVE the gas mileage..

But most of all, I love this :

DVD w/ wireless headphones.
It only came with 2 headphones so we did have to order more.. but it was well worth it.

Southern Darlin' almost always falls asleep.. ha!
Now when we all go somewhere in the car, I pass out the headphones to all 6 kids (yes even the teens watch the movies.. lol) and it's soo QUIET!   Daddy Chaos & I have the most quiet time now than we have in 16years.   I highly recommend it..  The headphones, that is.. Well the car too but mostly the headphones.. lol.

The only sad thing is that we won't be driving the Dream to Disney.. I don't want to put the mileage on it and quite honestly , although we all fit there's just not much storage room..  So we are taking the Monster instead.  The kids have all groaned and grumbled .. Ha.  I tell them to just be happy they get to go!  6 Days till we leave! YAY!

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