Saturday, October 15, 2011

A new obsession

Dimples has a tendency to get stuck on one thing.  We've discussed his toy trains & his love for repeating certain phrases over and over and over again.   Well, the boy loves his movies.

For the longest time he was stuck on Finding Nemo.. Which is all good and great but after the bajillionth time of listening to it, it just starts to get old.   One advantage is that he pretty much only watches movies in the car.  Daddy Chaos' car was the "magic" car that everyone wanted for the longest time because it had the DVD.. OMG- Mom!! We can watch movies!! Can we take Daddy's car?? PLEASE!!   And then Momma got a new-to-me car and pretty much anytime we get in a vehicle- Dimples is ready for a movie.   It works for me because he's no longer getting ticked off and throwing toys at my head, so win-win really.

Not long after we got my new-to-me ride, I introduced Tangled to Dimples.   Nemo was in Daddy's car so we just can't watch it in Momma's too.   For a good month, he sat enthralled with Tangled.  Even though you couldn't hear it (thank you wireless headphones!!), you still could normally tell where in the movie he was due to his comments.  BUNNY!! I SEE BUNNY!!  BUNNY MOMMA ! ( when she first leaves the tower and thinks it's "ruffigans" in the bushes only to discover it was a bunny).  He knows it's coming and starts yelling at her when she freaks out "BUNNY!! ha ha ha BUNNY!"     Makes me giggle everytime.

So somehow the Toy Story 3 movie got put in.. I'm not sure how or why it happened because normally Dimples rules the roost & he only watches Tangled- thank you very much.   But Toy Story got in, he got over the fit & realized Hey, this is a cool movie.   And the new addiction is born.

The Tequila gang has been playing with their Toy Story characters a lot lately.. So Dimples finally discovered WHO they were playing with.   The past few days he has snuck into the girls room to steal their Woody & Jessie dolls so he can run around and pull their strings.   They sigh and let him play with them while firmly admonishing that he "Do NOT Break it, Dimples!" . 

Last night, I was sitting here ignoring talking to Daddy Chaos while surfing Pinterest when Dimples came over and very carefully constructed this scene..

Yes, he took the time to wrap the string around Woody's foot 
& then very carefully lowered Woody so he was hanging off the chair..

It was just too cute!  Daddy Chaos went and grabbed the Buzz that was downstairs and gave it to him.

He was in awe..
After I thanked Daddy Chaos for providing the child who obsesses over thing with a noisy toy, we sat down to watch him play.   The child who NEVER plays with any toy appropriately has been playing happily with Woody & Buzz (Buhh Wight) all morning..  He tucked Buzz in on a bed we made by the couch last nite & grabbed him the minute he got up this morning.    It's adorable (and loud).

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