Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mrs Brady, or Alice rather, I am not..

I've been very productive today. I'm in housewife mode.  I really should name these different personalities of mine.. maybe one day ! Soooo, let's go over everything I've done because if I write it down I can just show this post to Daddy Chaos when he gets home & finds me sitting on my butt with a sweet tea & a book.

So far today, I have ...

Shook 5 of 6 kids out of their beds.

Fed them.

Gave meds to 3 of 5 awake children.

Dressed them  (ok picked out their clothes & threw them at them saying "Put this on!! NOW!"

Sucessfully put 4 of them onto the bus (why is it that the oldest takes the longest??).  

I woke Dimples up.

Gave him a cup of milk & his meds.

Dethawed chicken.

Tossed supper together in the crockpot..

Gave Dimples & Fishing Pole juice/water cups.

Unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher..

Picked up the living room..

Sat thru Dimples next to last Developmental therapy (wherein the therapist sighed and said "I think he's actually regressing some.", ugh). and tried to get him to participate (I should get triple points for that!)

Played with the boys for a little bit.

Picked up the living room again.

Refilled Dimples cup.

Made lunch & fed boys.

Put both boys down for naps..

Refilled both boys cups so they have drink when they get up.

Thought about doing laundry (needs folded and put away- bleck) and then sat here instead- but I want points for just thinking about it, k?

See when I type it all out, it looks like much more than it really was. It makes the appearance that I'm actually doing something :) LOL Today is a good "housewife" day.  Don't hold your breath for tomorrow :)


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  1. I habitually add things I do to my TO DO list just so I can cross them off and make it look like I have done something. *sigh* That IS a housewife life, trying to prove our value at home.


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