Monday, March 21, 2011

Give me a chew toy.

For all intents and purposes my almost 3yr old is about ½ his age developmentally.  Luckily enough for him, he's pretty small so when we are out and about most of his behaviors are passed off because he looks like a big 18-24mo (heck he still wears that size.. ha).

Go read here if you want the long story.. Go on, I'll wait..

So anyway, the kid has some issues.. We're attempting to figure out what the heck is going on & how to help.  Blah.. Blah.. Blah..

When he does something new, no matter how little, we celebrate!  Yay! You did it!! Good job!!  We grab a hold of that tiny accomplishment because it's p r o g r e s s !!

I'm not quite sure we should be celebrating today's new thing...


Yes my almost 3 yr old has learned what many toddlers do (my other kids did it around 1½-2yrs old).   Fun..

It used to be he got mad and he spit.   Which I hate!  Spits like a pro.  Ick!!

Now he spits and then BITES.. Hard..   As in break-the-skin hard. 

And naturally the boy who will usually repeat anything you say will not repeat "I'm sorry Fishing Pole"..

He will however say "I sorry .... zhu zhu pet.. butt.. pee-pee. :giggle:"

Yeah, I don't quite think he's getting it.   I guess we will have to figure out some kind of discipline that he understands and works.. Ugh!!   Suggestions??  

Personally I'm thinking of going with the puppy method, firmly tap on the nose- say NO and stuff a chew toy in his mouth..  too bad I'm only half kidding.. lol


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  1. I work in early childhood education. Biting at the toddler stage is SO common and is usually about frustration and not aggression. It often looks and feels violent and aggressive to adults, but to the little one it is the same as pushing, smacking or screaming. It often comes from not being able to communicate what they want well. Maybe try some cards with simple pictures of items he might want and teach him to show those? Things representing "My Turn", "Hold me", "Hungry", "Rest". Also, anytime he bites, give a loud and really exaggerated "OUCH!!! THAT HURT!" or yip/howl like a hurt animal. Do it with a sad/hurt face so he doesn't think it's a game. Biting is a hard stage, but toddlers grow out of it, so your little guy should, too!


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