Monday, October 10, 2011

Procrastination is an art :)

Today has just been one of those days.

Dimples didn't want to get out of bed.   Then when I finally got him up, he refused to drink his milk cup instead preferring to walk around all morning with it while I kept nagging " Drink your milk, bubba. You have PRESCHOOL today!  Yay!  Drink your milk!"  (He very rarely will eat breakfast so I give him instant breakfast mixed with his milk instead.)   Finally as we were walking out the door he must have decided I was serious and chugged it.   Nothing like last minute, huh?

Apparently he fits into the family well because I am nothing if not last minute.

I always have all these great plans but then I get distracted  *ohh look!! Something shiny!!* and lose track of everything until I realize O.M.G!! we leave for Disney in a little over a week and I've never gotten our shirts made!!  Ack.

See, I had this grand idea of having the whole matching shirts this year.  I've seen people do it before and loved the idea- plus with 6 kids, everyone wearing the same color should make it easier to keep track of everyone.   I went to the most awesome Disney loving boards ever & got a very nice lady to make me some cute graphics for our shirts..

LOVE IT!! How can you not be in love with this??

So this graphic will go on the front of everyone's shirts. I am just beyond thrilled with it...

And then everyone will have a name fill on the back :

I just love them!! The girls all got their names in various princess/fairies backgrounds.. The lil boys got Phineas & Ferb  while Attitude King got Cars..  

So anyway, I have these adorable graphics and the idea of what I want to do with them but I've never done anything.  We leave in 10 days!!

Sasha Song (I really want to call her Sassy Sasha Song but then SSS just seems evil to me, kinda like 666.. Maybe Sasha O' Song then she could be SOS?? hmmm) had mentioned last week of a place in town that did shirts for a decent price so I grabbed her up and made her ride to town with me while our lils were in preschool.

Sadly the store didn't open until 10:45. 

Yes.  10:45am.

What kind of opening time is that??   Really?? 

I can handle 10:30 .. even 11am.. But 10:45??  That's just weird.

So we browsed around Walmart and came home unsuccessful.   At least I tried, right?


It's just how my day is going.    If Dimples would have just drank his milk, I'm sure it would have all been different.  Ha!

I brought Dimples home from preschool and sat down to catch up on my Words With Friends (6crazykids- add me!) which I only play on Fb now because the phone app won't sinc with the FB app and it's all craziness..

Words With Friends only reminded me that I planted crops on my Frontierville over at the fake FB acct so I had to log in and harvest before I had a zillion withered crops.

Then I refilled Dimple's drink. 

Then I went to the bathroom and realized that Drama Queen has been neglecting her toilet cleaning duties so I cleaned that. 

Then I saw some clothes that Dimples had strewn across the floor and I hauled them to the dirty clothes basket because apparently I am the only one who knows where it's located..  I guess the secret location of the BATHROOM should be put in a handout and posted on everyone's door, along with the proper way to put new toilet paper on the holder vs just sitting on top of the old roll container.

Then I realized that it was 1:30 and Dimples normally is sleeping by 12:30 so obviously we are skipping nap today and going with a 6pm bedtime (he never makes it past 6 if I don't get his nap in.  Oops).  So I refilled his cup (again) and tried to tempt him with lunch.

 It's now almost time to go pick up the kids from school and my day ran away without me.   When Daddy Chaos comes home and asks me if I got the shirts done, I am just referring him to this post and walking away.

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