Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flub ups make me giggle

I don't know about you but I am still immersed in the land of diapers..

Dimples is not developmentally at an age that we can start potty training yet, although every once in a while he announces "I dough Poddy!!" and he actually goes... for the most part, he doesn't recognize it at all.

I've been thru a lot of different diapers but Huggies Supreme are my favorites :)   So when the new Slip-On diapers came out I was excited!   Yay! Diapers that pull on?!    Pull ups do not work on Dimples because they are designed with potty training kiddos in mind and don't hold the sheer amount of pee this boy dishes out.   Slip-Ons ?  They are like pull ups but with the capacity of a DIAPER!   Score! I knew I loved Huggies for a reason = )

Still, I'm cheap and I will only buy them if I have a coupon (or two) because you get less slip ons than regular diapers for the same price.

A few weeks back CVS had a sale on them , I had a CVS coupon AND a manufacture coupon (CVS alert- they let you use BOTH .. Love them!).  Sadly, I didn't get any that day because all they had left were a size 3 & Dimples is in a size 4.   But as I looked at the packaging I got a little giggle.. 

Here, look for yourself and see if you catch it.

Did you see it?    Probably not because it's not zoomed in enough..  Let me show you another picture :

Yes, both are size 3 diapers.. I took a picture of two different packages to be able to show you the front & side but it was like this on every pack of diapers..   Look closely at the size they are saying is a size 3.  (Click on the picture for a larger view).

The front says 16-28lbs.   

The side says 22-37 lbs.

Again both are a size 3.

Me thinks someone is the proofreading department at Huggies was taking a nap the day those packages printed.. lol!!    I thought someone else might get the giggle as well.    Hey Huggies- I'm free to check these for you anytime :-)

*Aside-  I know many of my readers are parents are of special needs kids.. In case you didn't already know- if your child is over the age of 3 and not potty trained (for medical reasons- developmental delay, whatnot..) and you have medicaid--- Medicaid will cover your diapers!  Your local medical supply store will ship them directly to your door on a monthly basis.  In our experience it's always been name brand (huggies Pull Ups & now huggies diapers (reg. not supreme)).  We still buy overnights because Dimples is has lots of pee issues at nite time and for now our medical supply store only has GoodNites which are way too big for him.. Just wanted to share for those that might not be taking advantage of this.. Diapers are so expensive, especially if you have a child that might wear them for quite a long time past the normal expected range.

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