Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making Friends..

Dimples isn't a people person.   He spends a lot of his day in his own world and doesn't enjoy anyone interrupting his schedule.   This need to be where he puts them :

See the parade or train of toys?   Every night I clean up the living room.   Every morning he gets the same big toys out and lines them up in a random order that is determined by him and O.M.GAWD if you even breathe on them funny.

Some days (few and far between) he doesn't get all anal and I'm allowed to put them away or *gasp* he doesn't line them up that day.  Those are GOOD days.

He doesn't talk to strangers. Heck he doesn't talk to us most of the time.   If someone says hi to him at the grocery or asks him what his name is or age- he completely ignores them or looks at them with a blank look.   Does he not understand what they're saying or is he just anti-social?  Who knows, probably both. lol.

I had a girlfriend from high school over a month or so ago- she had a new baby & we all know what a baby freak I am..  So she came over with her new baby & her 4yr old.    I think it's pretty safe to say that they will not be back anytime soon.  Let's just say her 4yr old is a boy version of Spoiled Princess (drama queen with lots of emotions pouring out) which is not bad at all... but I'm fairly certain that Dimples has scarred him for life.

It was a toy parade day and as I've said before- we all know not to touch the line up.   This little boy was bound determined to ride the blue dog.  Dimples would SCREAM and come running to me.  Although I gently explained that Dimples didn't want ppl to touch those toys, the little boy seemed unable to resist the allure of the blue dog.  We spent 3hrs together- most of it me consoling Dimples because that STRANGER had the audacity to TOUCH his THINGS!! the horror!!  and her consoling her little boy who was crying because Dimples screamed.

It was exhausting to say the least.  I've given up on playdates.   Dimples is not a typical three year old, he hasn't gotten to the stage in his development where he understand how to play with other kids yet.

Still we have been having a nice Indian Summer this week and I've been itching to go to the park.  So yesterday morning, I talked Sasha Song into coming to the park to play.  She has a daughter (unnamed on this blog because we are not gonna start the whole naming thing in my head again) who is right at the same age as Dimples - which means she's really eons older developmentally.    So we decided to try taking the kids to the park together- we could chat, they could play.   

I invited her to stop by the house while I finished getting ready.

OOPS.   Dimples did NOT like strangers in his house.  I haven't quite seen this particular reaction but I'm thinking he  *knows* Sasha from drop off at school and feels that is her place.  NOT in his house.. He kept screaming no at her & her dd..  And randomly running to me to cry his heart out because I'm a bully who brought ppl into his house.. How dare I?!

So when we get to the park, I'm thinking these kids are NOT going to play together at all.  If I were Sasha's DD I wouldn't want to play with my bully kid either..   But I was pleasantly surprised at how well they got along after the ice was broken... You see, Sasha Jr (ha) is a mother hen type kiddo which works well when Dimples is developmentally younger than her..

Those kids played together almost the entire time!  They slid together, they teeter-tottered, and they swinged ?swang?  played on swings next to each other!  It was nice to see Dimples actually getting along with someone and interacting somewhat with them :-)

Sasha did some swinging of her own..  Let's not tell the park department about this one, mkay?

We came home, ate lunch & then NAP TIME!   This one goes in the book as a Good Day :- ) 

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