Thursday, October 6, 2011

Of Stalkers and Trolls...

In my few years of blogging, I've never been popular enough had to worry about stalkers or trolls. It's one of those blessing and curses all in one.. As a blogger, you want someone to read you.. You sometimes almost even want a stalker  (never a troll) even if you don't admit it.  It helps you strive to keep writing.    Now I admit, I mostly write for myself.  I've never been one to really put my blog out there for others.. People find it and I'm starting to advertise myself a little more but I don't tell anyone in real life about it.  It's too close.   I'd have to watch what I say and we all know I'm not very good at that.

I've started several stories recently but never finished them because I really suck at fake naming people (in case you hadn't already noticed.. ha) and I'm dead set against re-naming ever again (unless I just start numbering the kids b/c it's easier.. lol).   So all my stories would be  like this :

So this one girl that I talk to ...

Yesterday I was talking to my friend, you know the one from MOPs that I never named..

I was hanging out at the school with this one crazy chick ...

Yeah, that was getting confusing and I never finished a post.  So now I have a bunch of unfinished drafts sitting there sticking their tongue out at me.  I hate tongues.

Well the crazy chick* knows about the blog and has officially become my first true blog stalker.

Every morning at drop off, I hear " So, no new blog post yesterday? "     

And so it has come to pass that my stalker needs a blog name so I can freely talk about her without talking circles around myself.

With great anticipation..  (drum roll.......)

Please meet our first official stalker (and also 2nd IRL person that reads- eek) :

Sasha Song 

Someone had a little too much fun at Girls Night Out.   Walmart will never be the same again :- )

This is the crazy girl who talked me into MOPs again this year..   We stand outside the elementary school in the morning after dropping the kids off  and gab forever until we realize CRAP!  It's about time for recess! , then we hightail it out of there so we don't look like a bunch of perverted school stalkers.   Fun times... fun times.

*It should be noted that the crazy chick is not mentally crazy.. Not one of those "omg, she's just crazy stay away from her"  but crazy in a fun, outrageous way.  She's fun to be around and I'm  *this* close to becoming a hermit so it's a good thing to have her in my life.

*waves*  HI SASHA!!

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