Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How McD's Monopoly ruined my day.

Dear McDonalds,

We have had quite the relationship in the past.  It's a constant roller coaster with you.   I've slowly outgrown my need for your greasy food which gives me a tummy ache but I'm still pulled back occasionally..  I must yearn for what is wrong..

It's Monopoly time of year again.. I always come running back to you during this time of year.  Even if it's just for a large sweet tea (daily..) for those points and the chance that THIS YEAR!! THIS TIME!!  I'm going to win it big.   It's so much more fun than playing the lotto because if nothing else, at least I get a drink out of it.

But this year, you just had to go and screw with me. 

A MEDIUM DRINK??   Why did you put game pieces only on a medium and not a large?  Are you trying to tell me something??    I'm sorry but I don't need YOU to tell me that I don't need a large.. I DO need a large dammit!   But now I'm forced to get a ridiculous medium drink just for the game pieces.. 

Let me just say that after this I am dumping your butt for good.   Hardees has better Dr Pepper  AND their small cup is the same as your medium.  So take that! 

Unless of course I strike it big on the monopoly this year, then I take it all back and we're good :)


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