Friday, November 5, 2010

Surgery again- part 4

It's dragging out isn't it? Better several short posts than one huge long one though, at least that's my theory.  In case you missed them , go read Part 1, part 2  & part 3.

He made it thru surgery just fine.  The surgeon (not the one who originally placed the pacemaker, although he did do the 1st lead replacement) did agree that moving the pacemaker was in his best interest and put it where he normally places them.  He assured us that he always places in this spot (left side just below the curve in the ribs) and very rarely has any lead issues.  It was decided that since the pacemaker still has 2.5yrs of battery life left on it, they would leave the same generator in to not waste (which is great because I like to pretend to be "green" and all, but it's kinda sad because it definitely means we're looking at surgery in another 2- 2.5yrs again).
So the pacemaker was removed (incision #1) and placed in it's new location (incision #2). Sadly there was too much scar tissues in the old site (this was the 3rd time it'd been cut open since they used the same incision at the last lead replacement) in order for the dr to connect the lead to the heart so my baby got yet another incision (#3) to attach the lead.

I thought it kinda looked like a smiley face minus the mouth so Drool Prince begged me to draw a mouth and take a picture :o )  If you look closely you can see the drawn on mouth, sorry I only had a pen -no markers to be found..

Something I'm not sure I mentioned or not- Drool Prince initially fractured the lead back in July but we were able to get the settings all turned up high enough to have it still work for a little while.   When that happened, it seemed to coincide with Drool Prince having potty accidents. The very first one he'd had in months was while we were at the hospital getting an x-ray to confirm a lead fracture.  I mentioned it to Dr Heart and she assured me that it couldn't possibly be related to the lead fracture, surely it was behavioral if anything.   I find it a very BIG coincidence that as of Monday night after surgery, the boy woke up to go pee and has not had a single accident (except bedtime) since. Interesting!
As normal, Drool Prince recovered quickly.. We got out of the hospital Tuesday around lunch time.  By Wednesday, he was already ripping steri strips off. UGH!  The incisions never really bothered him but there is this tiny little nick that he got while back in surgery.  This teeny tiny speck that is absolutely KILLING him.

Can you see it?

Silly kid.. He's crazy like that :)  It's always the things that you would think would never be noticed. He notices those.. Yet he also rips off his steri strips & picks at his newly healing scars.. UGH!!!

As I write this we are now 2wks post surgery so naturally all the steri strips are gone. I did have to go buy him a onesie (did you even know they made 3T onesies?) and made him wear it for the 10days following surgery so he wouldn't pick them off immediately.. Argh!! He is definitely back to 100% and if you didn't know he was cut open in 3 separate spots 2wks ago, you'd think he was his normal bouncy self. 

And that my dears, is the end of this round of Surgery posts.. Let's all cross our fingers that  I don't have any new surgery posts for at least 2.5yrs!!


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  1. I'll really hope with more surgery for 2.5 years! I'm so glad he's doing so well...he's quite a trooper!


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