Monday, October 25, 2010

Surgery again.. part 1

It's been a week now.  A week since Drool Prince went into surgery.  Looking at him, bouncing off the walls, you certainly couldn't tell. He recovers quickly but we both have new scars to show to the world.   Here's the story in parts (with pics/video!).

So this is why we ended up in the hospital last weekend.   Did you watch the video?  No? Why not? It's not like I'm posting videos all willy-nilly (although wait til these boys are adopted, you might wish I never posted another video again).  I'll wait..

Did you see anything odd?  Like maybe Drool Prince's stomach jumping in a weird sort of way.  Yeah, apparently that's what happens when one's pacemaker decides it will be great fun to pace one's diaphragm [who knew there was a g in diaphragm? I certainly didn't.. once again my computer is smarter than me, unless it's trying to get me to spell something that I don't mean and I really mean diaphram w/o the apparently silent g.. ] instead of one's heart.  Lovely , huh?

It all started on Saturday (10/16).  We were just finishing up lunch when Drool Prince comes up to me and tells me to feel what his tummy is doing.  As you can see by the video it was jumping and being all around crazy.. He seemed fine, so I had him lay down for nap while I hit the ole 'net and started asking all my heart girls what the heck was going on!

After much discussion, it was decided that I should do a phone check on the pacemaker once he woke up.. Right away, I knew it was broken. In the phone check you hook your kid up to some leads and then the little box attached to the leads makes noise.. I know the noises it's supposed to make when all is good.  Unfortunately, I also know the noises it makes when all is not so good..  The noises were definitely that of a broken lead, my heart sunk.

After an hour or so, the dr called to confirm the news. Yes, the reading looks just like April'09 when he broke in half.. However, he's not dependent on his pacemaker (uses it just 1% of the time) so let's go ahead and stay home tonite because no one is doing anything over the weekend.. He instructed me to just go to a local hospital the next day and have the pacemaker interrogated just to make sure.   Yay! We jumped for joy! No sitting in the hospital all weekend long. We've never had that, normally the drs call and say get your hineys down here NOW..

Five minutes later I'm second guessing it.. Yes I wanted to stay home but now I'm worried.. Sure the kid isn't dependent on his pacemaker but obviously 1% of the time he needs the darn thing to work and apparently it isn't..

Let me just say that I got absolutely no sleep Saturday night.  And boy did new drama distract me from the worries I had over TheToddler..


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