Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Taco Hell...

Dear Taco Hell,

    I don't come to your establishment a lot but from time to time I crave a little something from you that is guaranteed to send me to the bathroom within minutes.  Imagine my surprise when Daddy Chaos and I cruised thru your drive-thru last nite  [side note: what in the name of Pete is up with your jacked up drive-thrus that you can't get out of without ordering & paying? I do not like being trapped into a decision like that.]  and ordered a chili cheese burrito only to be told that you NO LONGER carry those?? Seriously?? What??

Chili cheese burritos were my one weakness..

The one thing that pulled me to your "restaurant" time and time again.. I'm not sure what your PR people are telling you but obviously they have bad reports because Chili Cheese Burritos should never have been ditched.

In fact, while still in the drive-thru I texted my own mother to tell her the news.  In order for you to get the full effect, please let me first explain something about my mom.  She cannot cuss to save her life.  The woman can throw a curse word out but the sentence structure is such that it just sounds ridiculous.

Upon hearing that you have canceled her one reason for living [or at least eating out], the text she sent back to me was filled with such profanity I had to applaud her finally finding her voice.  Apparently the filth and knowledge of how to appropriately use it was in her brain, it just took such a shock to the system as this to get it out.

In closing, you sirs made my momma cuss.. All over a chili cheese burrito.. Or rather a lack of a chili cheese burrito.   I hope you're happy.

Sincerely and completely without the normal xoxo's,


  1. Hilarious! And you're right! What the heck is up with the drive-thru trap? During my last pregnancy, I craved it one night and we stopped by. We ordered in the dining room and paid. Then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. There were probably 15 people waiting for tacos and cinnamon twists. For 72 minutes. It was like a hostage situation. We elected a leader and everything. Loved the letter and I'd love to read that text from your momma. =)

  2. blog jogging and came across your blog. love this post, taco hell...bwah hahaha so true.

    we just began our foster to adopt journey and i am looking for fellow bloggers who are walking though theirs to follow along. i am adding you to my reader...thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh so funny!! Papa Loco really loved the Cantina tacos they had...said the closest they'd ever come to an actual Mexican type taco. Of course they only carried those for a little while, so back to the hellish creations!

    We do however, enjoy the kid friendly economical deal meals....1 five layer burrito, chips, and their *own* drink! (Mean mama that I am, usually buys a large and makes them split).


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