Saturday, October 30, 2010

Small Things Saturday

I recently joined a great online group on bloggers who share the same thing- special needs parenting.  The idea was tossed around to start a blog hop for Saturdays! And voila!! Small Things Saturday was born!
I hope you'll join us in this fun quick blog hop! Just let us know something small that makes you happy.. Be it a picture, a few words or heck if you have the tendency to babble like me- give us a full page of happiness! 


Sibling love, quiet time and watching the other kiddos cuddle up to watch a movie together are all things that make me very happy :) It's the small things, guys!  

May your weekend be full of Small Things!



  1. I just love cuddle time...I try to cuddle every chance I get!

  2. I love cuddle pics!! Hopping by from the small ting saturday. GREAT to meet you!!

  3. I so wish my kidlings would sit long enough to cuddle through a movie! (We've tried, but the kids get too antsy.) Cute post!

  4. I tried to find you to friend on NaBloPoMo but couldn't find you! I'm in the adoption group and the disability group (they didn't have a SN group).


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