Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloweens past

It's that time of year again.

Time to dress up as monsters, fairy princesses and lovable animals.

Time to go out in groups and beg candy from strangers!

Halloween :) Such a fun time of the year !

About this time of year, I love to look back at Halloweens past and watch how much my kids have grown. [reminder- it's against policy to post identifiable pictures of foster kids so the boys are blurred out. Sucks since they are such adorable boys, but YAY next year there will be non-blurred pics!]

 Ahh, Halloween 2008. It was a fun year :) Our first with TheToddler (then still BabyBug).

Drama Queen could find not a single costume that she liked so we dressed her up with rollers in her hair, face cream & my robe.. The giggles and comments we got from the husbands on how she looked just like their wives first thing in the morning ! lol!

Spoiled Princess was firmly attached to her Barbie Island Princess costume and wore it for weeks at a time so hers was an easy choice :)

BabyBug (now TheToddler) was  Lumpy (Pooh's friend) a hand-me-down from Drool Prince.  Drool Prince wasn't quite sure about letting his beloved Lumpy costume move on.

Drool Prince is an adorable monkey.  He picked out the costume himself :)

Attitude King is.. well I don't rightly know what he was. Some creature of the dark?? He was scary. lol.

Halloween '09-  Our first year with Southern Darlin'.  She was an adorable little witch :)  Spoiled Princess is rockin' her Tinkerbell costume (watch out Barbie, the fairies have taken over!). Drool Prince is an adorable Dragon, although you can't tell really well in this picture.  Attitude King re-used his costume since he didn't find anything better this year.. So yet again he's scary evil but I made him take off the mask for the picture! Ha!  Drama Queen was a witch as well- I tried to get SP to forgo Tinkerbell for a witch costume so I could have 3 witches but she refused (little booger!).  I think the biggest change was TheToddler- now a year old, he could stand and he's getting so big!  He got another hand-me-down DP costume, yet again in the Pooh theme.. He makes an adorable Tigger doesn't he?

The girls over at the SITS (see my badge in the sidebar) are hosting an awesome Halloween giveaway for a new camera (Momma needs a camera!). Head over and join in the fun.. Ohh and this counts as my disclaimer :)


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