Monday, November 1, 2010

Surgery again - part 2

Yeah, I know.. I know.. I slacked off and didn't finish the whole "surgery" story.  Sorries!
If you missed it- go read part 1!

So Sunday (10/17) came bright and early for those of us that didn't sleep for crap and kept checking to make sure a)the kid's heart was still beating & 2)the belly was still a jumpin.

We did breakfast and then decided to drop off the oldest four kids at Gma & Gpa's house while  Daddy Chaos & I took Drool Prince (and TheToddler) up to the more local hospital to get the pacemaker checked.  

Initially I thought I'd go to a different hospital 20mins away vs our bigger hospital that we normally go to that is 35mins away.. You see we changed to a pediatrician and he only goes to the 20min away hospital.  Let me just say it's a good thing that I called them first because they quickly informed me that they didn't have the machines to interrogate a pacemaker & I should go to the one that we normally go to.. FINE then. geesh.

We decided that rather than all four of us going in, Daddy Chaos would drop DroolPrince and I off at the ER and he could take TheToddler shopping for a little while- this way he'd be nearby if needed but not confined at the hospital with us. 

Let me tell you, there is nothing that gets the nurses moving faster or gets you into a room regardless of the other people waiting in the ER than going in to tell them that you are here for a pacemaker interrogation because your kid's pacemaker isn't working right.  Zoom- back to a room immediately! 

We got settled into our room and promptly spoiled.. Drool Prince wanted a gown- sure he could have one.. He wanted some gloves to blow up- sure he could have some.  He wanted a cool drs mask- sure, take as many as you wish! 
Dr. Drool Prince is watching Scooby Doo (his current favorite show !!).. He's adorable :) 

The drs came in and hooked him up to the monitors so we could watch the alarms go off  for various things.. Nothing like hooking this kid up- he always sets the alarms off and looks just fine while doing it. 
Finally the pacemaker interrogator arrived and got the machine out. He got a kick out of seeing the tummy jump (apparently he hasn't seen it before) and after a few quick calls with our Children's Hospital it was decided that the pacemaker was indeed pacing DP's diaphragm.  They couldn't get it to sense the heart at all and so it was Turned.OFF.  ack. 

I'm sure you know what came next?  We headed down to the Children's Hospital for overnite observation.  Is it ironic at all that we were placed in the exact same room that we had both times we had pacemaker surgeries?  An omen to be sure.  Of the 5 times we've been in that hospital, 3 of them were now spent in the same room.  

Every time I get there, I eagerly ask if the big corner room is available?? Sadly it's always full. We had it ONE time and that was the stay of our lives. Loved that room.  The nurses always look at me funny that I know how big each of their rooms are and know the pros & cons of each of the heart center rooms.  Yeah, I'm here alot it seems.

Don't you just love those pull out chairs that make into a bed? How do they expect a person that normally sleeps on a king size comfy bed to sleep on this?? Seriously?

Drool Prince and I settled in.. hooked up to monitors again, given 2 new sets of scrubs for DP to choose from (and bring home.. score!)..  So we sat back and watched movies..

Yep, Pooh Heffalump movie has always been a hospital favorite for us :)  Lumpy was even along for the stay- although he seems a bit more nervous about the impending surgery than Drool Prince was.

Lumpy tries to escape!
 In the end, we got to sleep thru the night knowing that tomorrow would probably bring another surgery.


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  1. Those pull-out chairs are horrible to sleep I hear from my husband! (I seem to be the one who gets the hospital bed!)

    I wouldn't have slept a wink the night before going to the hospital...I'm a worrier, too.


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