Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Crafts- or not..

 I'm participating yet again in SITS Halloween party.  Dude, this is your disclosure in case you were wondering :)

Today's topic is Halloween Crafts.

I am not a crafty person.  If it's super messy, I have the kids go to Cowie's for it..  6 kids x mess = Momma don't do.

I had big plans for pumpkins this year.  We bought three large ones & I thought I'd have the kids team up and do jack-o-lanterns.  Except I apparently bought them too early and then promptly forgot about them.  When I finally remembered, we had no paint (we were planning on painting vs carving).  When I next remembered and was ready to get started I went to pick one up and the bottom promptly fell out..  Son of a !!!  Pumpkin guts were scrapped into the garbage and there went the craft plans for this year.

I would like to redeem myself but I cannot find the appropriate picture.. Way back when it was just 2 kiddos residing in the Kingdom of Chaos, I actually was a bit more crafty.

I know, amazing!

Probably it was more the fact that I hung out with my cousin a lot the year that Daddy Chaos was in Korea and her whole family is crafty.  Regardless,  Halloween 1998 I actually MADE Drama Queen's costume.. Made as in sewed with a sewing machine.  It was pretty darn cute if I say so myself. She was the most adorable little bunny one ever did see.  If I dig up that picture I will post it later for my redemption proof!!

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  1. I bet next year's will be great. This sounds like something that could happen to me.


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