Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I was soo not with it this year when Halloween rolled around.  The lil girls had outgrown their costumes from last year and were in need of new ones.

I want to blame the freakishly warm weather.  It simply didn't feel like Halloween (until this past week then Brrrr!).  I need a build up with weather slowly getting a little colder by the day so I realize - Hello, it's gotta be close to Halloween.

In my defense, I planned on taking the kids out costume shopping a few weekends ago. I finally had realized that Halloween was quickly approaching and we were in need of something to cover the kids with so they could beg candy.  Only Drool Prince had that issue on that same weekend and we ended up in the hospital.  Then were were home but recovering.  Then it was Halloween- and well clearly it wasn't my fault.

In the end, Miracle Momma saved the day.. It's my super hero alter ego just in case you were wondering..

Drool Prince had already planned on re-using his Dragon costume from last year because he loved it.  It still fit, so it worked for me! 
TheToddler wore DroolPrince's old monkey costume- he rocked it as a monkey although he seemed to think he was a mixture of a monkey & dragon because he kept giving dragon roars.  We had the most compliments EVER on his costume.  Apparently he is a very adorable monkey*.  
Southern Darlin' & Spoiled Princess were babies.  They wore their feetie jammies, put freckles on and carried bottles & loveys..  It worked.   Everyone loved the costumes, although we had a few too many people think they were twins which Royally twirks the girls off. 

It goes something like this :  
Random stranger: Awww, twins! You guys are so cute!
Spoiled Princess: We are not twins.
Southern Darlin':  Definitely not!!
Random Stranger: *obviously confused* oh.  *looks at me*
Momma: No, they are a year apart.
Random Stranger: Well you are taller than your sister, huh? - to Spoiled Princess
Southern Darlin':  I am 6 and a HALF.  She's only 5 and a half.

It's confusing to people. Spoiled Princess is bigger yet Southern Darlin' is older.  Twirks Southern Darlin'  every single time.  I personally always wanted twins, so I think it's cute. lol

Anyhoo, back to Halloween.. Attitude King went to a party with his friend and thereby missed trick or treating with us (a first ever!).   Drama Queen decided that since she's a highschooler and all, she would walk with us and help the little kids but she was not dressing.

After seeing many of her friends out (in costume), she is already planning her costume for next year.  Apparently being a big bad freshman is not really too old for trick or treating.

The girls at SITS are hosting a Halloween Parade.  Be sure to go check them out as well :)



  1. Hey, where can I get an alter ego like Miracle Momma? Yeah, Hslloween snuck up on us too. Im glad its over though, for this year.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful kids -- every one of them is so adorable I just wanna eat 'em up! And I'm *really* impressed with your creative costuming :-)


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