Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surgery again - part 3

**If you  missed  Part 1 or Part 2, please go back and read those first! *

Monday was to be the day.  Daddy Chaos got the kids off to school, dropped TheToddler off with Cowie and hurried down to the hospital.   Naturally he missed Dr Heart by about 10mins.

You see, there was some minor worries that they were not going to repair the pacemaker.  Something an on call dr mentioned about maybe Drool Prince had outgrown it and they'd just trial it without.  Let me tell you Momma freaked out.

No one wants their kid to have a pacemaker. Believe me. It's not something you think, hmm I hope this one can have heart issues and need a little metal box to help things work properly. Never.   Drool Prince doesn't use his pacemaker a lot.. He only uses it around 1% of the time.  In the scheme of things, 1% isn't much. But when we're talking about a heart beating- I want to know that it's going to be 100% of the time, not just 99%.  Sorry, that's just me I guess?

So I expected to be in a bit of a fight with Dr Heart over repairing it vs leaving it.  I wanted Daddy Chaos there to lend me moral support and jump in when I got overwhelmed.  Obviously that didn't work.   Thankfully, Dr Heart agreed with me.  Yes, DP uses it 1% of the time but obviously that means he still needs it.   She agreed that we needed to get it replaced and she also agreed that we needed to talk to the surgeon about getting the placement moved.. Surgery every year & half or so is not really acceptable.

Initially we were told that Drool Prince wouldnt get on the schedule until Tuesday and we were given the OK to eat.  Fortunately for all involved, the cafeteria still had some old allergies listed and it took us a while to get that resolved so we could order some lunch (we'd be food/drink free since the night before).  The surgery nurse came running in to see if he'd eaten yet because like magic there was now some room on the surgery schedule for him TODAY!  Back to no food/water.. ugh.

Drool Prince was not happy. He is a huge drinker.. He wanted something, anything to drink. Poor kid, Momma felt his pain.. I'm a drinker too. (no not like that.. silly peeps).

Finally it was time to head down to surgery.. Lumpy had recovered from his brief spell of cowardice and joined Drool Prince back on the bed to head off.  Naturally I snapped some pictures..

Momma: Smile, Drool Prince. I want to take a cute picture!

Drool Prince: *giggles I am smiling Mom.  Take the picture. *giggles*

Note- that is Daddy Chaos' hairy arm. NOT mine!
Little booger :) He was just soo nervous about the surgery -- NOT!.

We headed down in the wheel chair and sat in the surgery waiting room where the nurses gave him more gloves to play with (he has had an obsession with making glove balloons since a nurse showed him that when he was very little), a slinky & a new car. Did I mention that he gets spoiled in the hospital? lol.
The nurses gave him some versed so he wouldn't be so nervous going off and ohh my did I get some good pics of him being looney.. I can't share, of course, due to the whole "against foster policy" but they'll make great blackmail :)

He went into surgery w/o a peep and as usual had the entire O.R. laughing at his antics.  He was reported to be the best blower of balloons (something anesthesiology made him do to go to sleep) EVER!  They also held off on the IV until he was under so he didn't have to feel the sticks.. Bonus! :)


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  1. Yay for Drool Prince!

    I have surgery myself next week- Wonder if I can be as good at balloon blowing as he is? Somehow I don't think so.


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