Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cute Moment Alert !

Why is it that cute moments are almost always either immediately following or preceding a rotten moment?  It must just be the nature of the beast kid.  Today seems like the day to share some cute moments, maybe because my uterus is once again seeking revenge upon me for unknown atrocities and I need to remind it that "Hey kids are cute, you did good!" even if it didn't pop out the ones I'm talking about, it's the general idea.*

Drool Prince just folded a towel (a towel, it should be noted, that was placed on the couch to soak up where he decided to lay and pee all over. Yuck. Noted, lest you think he was actually playing with Clean things.) into a triangle.

He then announced Mommy! I made a TRIANGLE! 

Yes you sure did!  So proud of that little booger.. I don't know about you but in my infinite experience Triangle is just not a shape that preschoolers pick up quickly, let alone set about creating them with peed on towels and pride.   Obviously the rotten moment was a preceding one where he decided that for no reason other than perhaps he was a bit pissed at Momma, he should lay on the couch and soak it with his lovely urine.  Thanks.


TheToddler has this habit of becoming a cat.  Randomly he will just start meowing. Then he rubs on you and wants you to pet his head.  It's adorable even if I do worry that he's going to want to start eating out of bowls on the floor.

Naturally he has realized that we all find this cute as heck and has started to do it when he knows we're going to yell at him.. 

Like when he decides that it's great fun to spit his drink on his shirt, his brother's head and my couch. On purpose.  Simply because he rolls like that.  And then meows and gives that innocent look.. It's like kicking a puppy (or kitten in this case) to yell at him.

In other news, I'm totally rocking this NaBloPoMo so far.. Yeah, so it's only day 3 but I'm sticking with it and that's something!  I've also been over at the Review Blog a bit this past week. Go check out the books, reviews and a Celebration Adoption Fund update ! :)

*I'd like to accept the award now for the longest run-on sentence in my blog thus far.  Thank you, without my rambling ability I'd never be able to make sentences have absolutely no structure and run-on forever.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I WOULD BE SO PROUD TOO!

    Listen, we take our moments where we can get them!


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