Thursday, November 4, 2010


I did something new this year.

Something well out of my comfort zone.

I joined MOPS.  (Mother's of Preschoolers- not people with a secret mop fetish or addiction)

For one thing I'm not a "churchy" person.  I have my beliefs but don't like them forced down my throat by others (doesn't always happen but that's been my experience with "churchy people").   Mops is held at a church, most people attending also attend church although it's not a requirement (I asked.. lol).

For another, I'm not really a very outgoing person. In fact, I tend to be shy and withdrawn - shocked, I know!  Kinda funny for someone who writes her thoughts out there for anyone to see and is read by 10s of people monthly!

I actually thought about joining last year. Many of the other moms from preschool attend and it had been mentioned a time or two.. I never got up the nerve to go for it.  Yes, I'm that awkward.

And then I decided "You know what? This is the Year of Me! I need to do this."  Ok , I didn't really say it out loud but I thought it really loud..  Sounds good though, doesn't it?

If we're being completely 100% honest, I joined Mops for Drool Prince.   He's not doing preschool this year. We decided to have him stay at home and do homeschooling preschool in hopes of working on his adoption related issues & behaviors.  I thought it'd be nice for him to have some more one on one time with just him & TheToddler at home.

So I joined Mops so that he could still see his friends from preschool a couple of times a month. Social interaction and all.

What exactly have I learned in this experience?  

The most important thing I've learned is that I tend to over-share.  Again, I know you're shocked.  One question asked is never simply answered.  Instead, I tend to give several examples and way more information than the original questioner ever wanted to know.   Even as  I'm over-sharing, I know I'm doing it.  I just can't seem to stop.  I kinda feel like I'm stuck in a loop of  "This one time.. at band camp...".   It's not pretty.

This is why I don't interact with adults outside the internet where I can at least proofread what I've said. If I could just invent an over-sharing filter, I'm pretty sure I'd make millions!

Until then.. I'll be over-sharing  daily as a part of my NaBloPoMo pledge.   Wish me luck!


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