Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sleepless nights..

I can't sleep.. Sleep is evading me.. ME!! The woman that can normally sleep 10-12hrs and be happy.. Now I'm having a hard time going to sleep and if God Forbid something wakes me up- like ohh say a phone ringing at 3am- I have the worst time falling asleep again. I should mention that said phone only rang once before the unknown caller must have realized their mistake and hung up, yet that was enough to wake me up.. I digress.. What is keeping me awake and disrupting my much loved sleep??

Sadly, I know the cause but I can't fix it for another week.. Drool Prince is going into surgery next week. Not just any surgery but a heart related surgery- which to mean seems so much scarier! He's been thru surgery before but that was well over a year ago and this one just seems harder for me. I trust his doctors and am sure everything will be fine, yet my mind races every time I try to go to sleep. I'm sure alot of it is the unknown.. You see less than two weeks ago, D.Prince's doctors called to tell me that they had come to the conclusion that he needed this surgery and that they would like to have it done as soon as could be arranged. This past Thursday, I received the call with the schedule.. for the following week. ONE week to prepare for surgery.. Yes there isn't much to prepare, I mean we show up and it happens but I need to mentally prepare.. I suppose this is what has caused my sleepless nights.. Hubby , on the other hand, does not seem the least bit concerned. He's sleeping perfectly fine.. Some nights I want to lean over and pinch him.. just a little..

Wish me luck, I am hoping that I'll be able to sleep better soon but I doubt it'll happen til the surgery is over and behind us.


  1. Hey girl,
    Drool Prince is gonna be okay! He's already overcome so many odds! Glad to read your blog! I'll try to keep up with mine if you keep yours up too!

  2. Thanks darling! I've added ya to my bloglist & will make sure to read you frequently so I can bugga you about keeping it up to date :)


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