Saturday, October 27, 2007


Parent/Teacher Conferences.. Don't we all love this time of year? The entire week was off schedule.. half day in the morning, half day in the afternoon.. no school at all?!

I had Attitude King's p/t conference on Tuesday.. No complaints from his teachers.. He does very well in school and thankfully doesn't show any of his attitude at school.. Aww, isnt that sweet? He saves it all for home and mommy! I am feeling pretty loved right now! A.King does very well in school in fact he has all A's.. Good right?? well yea sure it's great that he has all A's.. But his A's are as follows - 99, 99, 99, 97, 94.. Ok what kind of parent complains about a 99% A?? I guess me.. I mean I would think it has to be pretty difficult to get a 99% A on midterm yet he does it with ease.. This tells me that obviously he's not being challenged.. I love seeing all A's but would prefer my child be challenged to his level vs having him get practically 100% perfects and just cruise thru.. Who'd have thunk? So I ask the teacher what should be done?? She agrees that A.King is not really getting challenged and attributes him doing soo well in class because of his love of reading. Not only does the boy like to read, he reads well above a 4th grade level. Last year in 3rd grade he was reading 6th grade level.. He's currently reading the Harry Potter series and to make sure he understands them, I have him tell me the differences between the books and the movie when he's done. I digress.. A.King is in all the advanced classes so I asked if the school had a gifted program.. Yes of course they do, I am assured, it's called the Soar program. They'll be testing later in the year for that program if I'd like to get A.King tested.. Sure I would, funny that I asked for that last year and he was rejected from being tested b/c he didn't qualify.. Ugh! Too bad we dont have other schooling options at this point. I guess I will just have to keep on the teacher to try and challenge him more.. And for those of you that are shaking your head at me- believe me, I love that my son has straight A's! That's not the point though :)

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