Saturday, October 27, 2007


For my first official post I figured I should most likely introduce the gang before just jumping into b!tching about life in general. So here ya go :

Me- let's see.. All my life when asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up', my answer was the same "A Mom!!". I used to profess that I wanted 20 kids! I insisted on it rather vehmently until I discovered exactly how those miraculous little babies came into the world.. Then I decided to cut my posse in half.. Yup, just 10 will do fine :) So you can imagine when I became pregnant (while on bcps) my senior year of highschool (this is strictly between us b/c I'm currently preaching- no sex til marriage to my own kids) I wasn't exactly distraught.. Sure it changed the way my life was planned- that full scholarship to college? Nope, didn't go.. How my then boyfriend and I were planning on waiting to get married? No, didn't happen either. We got married that summer & are still together now (12+ years later- OMG that makes me feel old!). Here I am now at 30yo with 4 kids! I'm working my way up to my 10 (shh dont tell the hubby as he thought he was done at 2!)

Drama Queen- age 11 for a few more months & currently in 6th grade! How she got this old I have no idea?! Kids seem to have this little trick, they are sweet little babies for a very short time, then they turn into terrorizing todders , you turn you head for. just. one. second. and they are in 6th grade.. I dont understand it, dont ask me to explain it.. Just believe me that it happens and move on! DQ has actually become a wonderful person to be around lately! Gone are the screaming fits, the stomping to her room & slamming the door.. She has morphed into this sweet creature that actually helps me!! Of course I do realize that alot of the help is in order to make her brother look bad, but I'll take it when I get it :)

Attitude King - age 9 & in 4th grade.. I think this is where all the nastiness went when DQ tossed it to the side to become the helpful sweet child. His vocabular seems full of hmmps, you're sooo mean to me & of course lots of stomping. We do have a few rare days when he is his normal pleasant self, but I fear hormones are at war & threatening to drive me crazy. My theory is that miraculously on his 10th birthday he will revert back to my sweet innocent little boy.. I know it's alot to hope for but it's gotta end sometime right?!

There's quite a distance between the first group and the second group. The hubby and I had a disagreement on the # of kids in our brood..He won out for a while and our focus was on the two we had & just happy life in a family of 4. At some point, we discovered foster care.. Ok I admit, again it was something that I wanted to do and hubby agreed b/c it was what I wanted . Ain't he just sweet?? So our family grew again thru foster care and adoption ..

Spoiled Princess - age 2 and currently addicted to all things Dora, Barbie & Backyardigans. SP was and is spoiled by all. I know I'm not supposed to admit that but there you have it. She came at a time in all our lives when a baby was welcome again. No competition between her and the older group.. Everyone loves a baby :) Of course the child is not perfect.. She absolutely refuses to potty train which is driving me slowly insane. She will be 3 in a few months and has went on the potty before just prefers not to.. She has one of those personalities that she will only do things when and how SHE wants to.. Apparently potty training is not on her to do list currently. She also refuses to sleep all nite in her own bed and prefers to get up when I have just reached that wonderful full sleep that a semi driving thru my bedroom would fail to rouse me.. Yet that screaming voice-- Mommy!! Mommy!!! MOMMMY!! You Coming?? always manages to jerk me out of sleep and I get to spend the rest of my nite trying to sleep thru getting kicked or headbutted with her in our bed.

Drool Prince -age 1 and currently into all things POOH!! DP is our youngest.. The baby of the family & heck I believe he still thinks his name is baby.. SP refuses to call him anything but 'the baby'. He is at the stage in his little life where I'm kinda wishing he wasn't mobile yet.. He loves to climb up on anything & everything to then perform some crazy dance that you know is going to end in disastor -or at least a trip to the ER. He also has discovered his screaming voice & prefers to use it frequently! But thankfully he loves his naps & sleeps all nite for me :) I can put up with any screaming if I can sleep for a solid 8hrs !

So that's it.. The whole clan. Well with the exception of hubby, whom I am sure would prefer to write his own little bio but as he's conveniently at work right now he gets left out :) Poor man works hard to provide for his family & I sit here on my bum writing & leaving him out..

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  1. Sounds like you have a lovely family. you have a nice blog. looks like I need to catch up on the in between.


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