Sunday, October 28, 2007

Buried in Laundry..

"Why do you have to keep doing it all the time?" asks the Attitude King? What exactly is he referring to? Yup, you guessed it.. Laundry. Hmm, I'm sure he would like to wear clean clothes yet he doesn't want me to do the laundry.. I'm sure this is because he is currently on laundry duty (folding and putting away) for the entire month as a result of his attitude.. Funny how he likes to forget that somedays and instead enjoys reveling in the depression because mom is soooo mean and makes him to laundry for the pure torture effect.

Actually I hate it when he's on laundry duty because I kid you not, it takes the boy 2hrs to do what would have taken me 20minutes. I'm sure it's somehow a backasswards punishment when we all have to deal with it. Let's just all hope that when his month is up , he can sass quietly enough that Daddy Chaos doesn't give him this duty again.. Ohh yes, did I forget to mention that it wasn't even ME that gave him the horrible duty yet I have to deal with the huffs,puffs & blow your house down-- oops got sidetracked a bit I'm pretty sure that's the big bad wolf-- while daddy chaos is at work yet again. Makes sense right?!

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