Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paid to eat?

I normally avoid a certain fast food restaurant w/ a funky clown that had big red feet like the plague.. Is it their empty calories along with totally nutritionless offerings?? Of course not! I have been known in the past to buy Spoiled Princess a happy meal and then one for myself so she could have both toys. However, in light of Drool Prince's milk allergy and the fact that one of the only blessed things on their menu that is devoid of milk product is one of their most expensive items- we've elected to quit eating there for the past year or so.

That is about to change- for a day at least. I just got an awesome mystery shopping opportunity so I get to buy not one but two meals (ohh the joy- more empty calories) to get reimbursed for.. Plus a whopping $25. No turning up your noses, have you made $25 any faster? I think not! So although I have been boycotting the place simply for their lack of dairy free offerings, I will force myself to endure it just this once :)

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