Friday, October 1, 2010

Sick kid, Vengeful uterus & surprises

There are days like today when I really don't appreciate being a girl.  I have sit down to pee, shave my legs like All.The.Time, and periods- let's really not even get into that mess. 

Sure, there are perks.   I can create and nourish life. I can grow an entire human being from tiny cells into a full fledged real live person.  Yeah, that's pretty cool.. I can even feed said created human with my own body. No tools needed!  No assembly required.  Awesome, right!?

But then there are days when my uterus declares war on me   and it's just not fair.  My human factory days are over so you'd think there'd be some sympathy from within.  Sadly, no.

Today, I hate being a girl.

In other news,  Attitude King is home sick with a "tummy ache".  Normally I don't fall for such things without evidence (preferably in the toilet not on the floor, bed or anywhere except the toilet because by now we all know Momma don't clean puke), but my uterus made me sympathetic.  Someone else in pain with me? Awesome!  Plus he was a bit pale.    

Honestly, he probably wanted to skip school to read a new book that just came yesterday. 

Mean Momma that I am, I confiscated said book until his cooties are gone.  Just in case. 

Besides, he was pale.  That counts right? 

Have I mentioned that we have a new adoption atty?!  Yay!  We met with her last week and then she met with our CW and DCS atty early this week.  The adoption petition has been filed!  Woot! 

We don't have a date yet but we're still hoping for mid- November.  Let's just keep all our fingers and toes crossed that everything comes thru.  Apparently DCS still has tons to do in order for these adoptions to go thru and as usual, they are dragging hiney. 

G'ma Chaos' birthday is next week.  I happened to have an opportunity present itself that was absolutely perfect for her birthday.. Even better- it was on her birthday!  So I snatched it up and now G'ma & G'pa Chaos along with Daddy Chaos & I are heading to the big city to celebrate her bday.   

It's such fun right now!  No one is telling her what is going on, other than we are going to the big city.   I get updates daily from G'pa Chaos  on how he hasn't told her anything and he giggles as he reports her trying to get him to give hints and he claims to know nothing.. He's good, really good..   I also get phone calls daily from G'ma Chaos trying to fish little bits of information out of me.. I can tell it's absolutely killing her which makes it all the better for me :)     I am not a good gift giver.  If you're not one of my kids, don't expect me to have a clue what to get you. It's just who I am.  But this time.. THIS gift (albeit free to me) is gonna Rock! 

I promise to come back and tell you all about it later but I can't trust my own mother not to sneak on here and try to figure out her gift.  She doesn't normally read my blog, heck I'm not even sure if she knows it exists.. But I wouldn't put it past her since she's desperate to figure out the secret.  Hi Mom!! 

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