Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too True Tuesday

Essie has really done it now.. She's started a weekly post and even has links.. Who can resist telling a story when everyone else is .. Yup, I'm a follower most days.. lol. Honestly though, the stories are hilarious especially the fart one.. What? Im not linking- go to Essie's site and read ALL the stories then you'll find it :)

I could totally go with the story from last week where I had Drool Prince tell me that his arm was not bleeding, then made him prove it still worked by having him hold it up & proceeded to tell him that it looked fine to me when in fact it was broken.. oops my bad.. Parenting skills at their finest! But since I already told that story I guess I'll have to go with :

I am an absolutely horrible gift giver.. So much that if you know me and want a present for your birthday- please hint in very obvious hints about what I should get you or you might just end up with socks. I have no clue where the horrible gift giving came from. I have gotten better over the years- kids are easy to shop for, it's grown ups that I have problems with.

Many many years ago, Daddy Chaos and I had our first Christmas together. Mind you we were still dating and I was still in highschool so I'm going to count that in my favor. Anyhoo, in the months leading up to Christmas I tried to get an idea of what to get him. Daddy Chaos did not live at home anymore and bought himself whatever he wanted or needed.

I can still recall Christmas morning.. I got him what was normal in our family- clothes... some cool new shirts & yes SOCKS.. lmao.. I was poor, working & doing school and the man needed socks.. It was just a little filler present but still looking back I always think- OMG girl what were you thinking? I'm lucky he didn't hide my present and sneak out the door.. It's one thing to get your family socks but your boyfriend?? lmao..

Embarrassing? YES!

What makes it even worse is that when I opened my present, I realized why he finally decided to take my class ring to wear months earlier.. (gosh I was naive back then!) only to give it back again b/c he was "afraid he'd lose it".

The boy got me a ring.. yes I said it.. a RING! As in a DIAMOND ring and I bought him socks.

I will never live that down.


  1. Oh, that's priceless!

    We have a little tradition in our family of giving people underwear for Christmas. My mother once gave my brother some and he was so embarrassed and mortified that the experience needs to be replicated every year.

  2. SOCKS vs nice jewelry hmmmm, lol!
    Last year my MIL gave me her used jewelry for my birthday. Not heirloom, not antique, she just decided she did not want it anymore. Lovely!


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