Sunday, August 9, 2009

A first in the Kingdom of Chaos

What happens when your 3yr old boy decides to outdo the girls in ballerina twirls?

Honestly, I really should have known it would go wrong when I heard those fateful words :

Drool Prince: Watch me do it girls!!

This my dearies, is the story of what happens to little boys who try to execute that perfect twirl but have perhaps twirled too many times already and lose their balance only to fall on a toy.

Immediately after the mishap, I heard him fuss and then come to the gate at the kitchen where i was busily performing motherly duties by getting oatmeal ready for breakfast.

DP: Momma!! I hurwt my arm.. huhh huhhh (ok I can't properly spell things that are only sounds but it's a whiney sound.. just pretend along)

Me: *notices no crying is accompanying the declaration of a hurt arm says in all my mommy wisdom* it's not bleeding right?

DP: no

Me: can you move it? *DP then holds it up* Ok looks good to me, it'll be better after bit.

So I give him a hug and hold him for a minute , in which I can almost 98% say he may have passed out briefly which has not happened since his pacemaker, and then get up and loving mom that I am, I then proceed to serve breakfast.

Drool Prince doesn't want to eat and continues to whine a little that his arm hurwts. This is not like DP who normally gets over things pretty . So we went to sit on the couch and cuddle while everyone else finishes breakfast.. Finally I decided to do a more thorough looking at said injured arm. I had the boy stand up and hold his arms down at his sides.

This is what I see :

Doesn't quite look right does it? That one arm hangs just a little funny.. This is when it hit me that, perhaps he did hurt his arm.. hmmm. Phone calls were made, babysitters arrived & we set out for the dr's office. Sorry, no way am I taking a kid that never once cried or screamed and is barely whining to the ER and tell them I think he broke his arm..

We arrived at the dr office only to have everyone ooh and ahh over him. All thought he was sick b/c he was not bouncing off the walls like normal but no one thought he was hurt. They weighed him, they measured him, they did temp. Finally we see the dr and she asks him which arm is hurt to which I respond "Let me just stand him up and you can see for yourself "..

Right away she responds with "ohh yes, I think we'll need an xray here"..

So off we are whisked to the xray where the tech then apologizes over and over about having to move the arm and position things for the xray all the time saying she knows how much it hurts. Drool Prince just sits there- no crying, no whimpering.

And this is what we see :

Yup.. The boy broke his arm.. Haven't I told you how he likes to do things all the way , no halfway for my kid. He managed to break BOTH of the bones in his left forearm.. He's thorough, I'll definitely give him that!

He is now the proud owner of a colorful cast & sling (which does not stay on for anything). Orthopedic specialist that we were sent to for setting gave us tylenol w/codeine but the boy has no pain (weirdo).

And now we are off to the movies.. Just Mommy & Drool Prince as a special treat since things like casts exclude us from fun things like swimming.


  1. Felpsy broke his arm last winter, barely a peep out of him. The only reason we took him was because we wanted to "cover our butts" good thing too, he broke it, but they sent us home and told us to see our primary the following day. which we did. Didn't get to the orthopedist for over a week. Then, my darling boy took off the cast and we had to do it all over again.



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