Thursday, August 6, 2009

My not so secret anymore secret.

Look what Essie has started.. Geez, mention one innocent love of Granny Panties and the whole group of us are up supporting her and giving up our not so deepest secrets w/o even having to be put thru water torture or nail pulling or even worse a brazilian wax!

Go read it at Essie's site (dudes, I linked above.. I'm too lazy to link again!) but I'll recap for those that just would rather finish one post at a time.. Go ahead, raise your hands...

Soo Essie is admitting that she full out loves Granny Panties and anyone that wears the dental floss we like to call a thong (ahem, Annie) is a hootchie. Just sayin'. I may have wore a thong perhaps once or twice in my life, but I ended up just wanting to pick the dang thing out of my butt so regardless of the supposed "sexiness" I say screw it! A man surely invented the thong so why bother..

My secret that is not much of a secret anymore since I'm totally posting it here - since we're on the panty discussion.. I Love maternity undies. Don't argue, they're better than Granny Panties.. Trust me.. Sadly, I realize that a normal non-lactating or gestating woman cannot just run around in maternity underwear.. It's just weird. I promise you that I put mine away every time within 1year 3months of birth. There ! I've said it.. It's out there.. Deal with it..

Someone mentioned tongue piercing which also reminded me of a funny (to me at least) story.

Once upon a time, Daddy Chaos served our country in the AirForce. He got his bratty butt self sent to Korea for an entire flippin year (something about forgetting to change his status from single when he got in, to married w/kids who dont want to be left at home for a freakin year). This lovely trip to the land of .. well Korea.. happened 1month after Attitude King was born.

Yeah, great timing huh?

So back then, we did not get calls whenever or even have the internet at home yet. So we got 1 call per week for 15minutes.

Let me repeat that- 1 call per week for 15mins *unless you had a really cool operator who apparently went to sleep and forgot to cut you off..*

So not wanting to be left halfway across the country from any family w/ a newborn & 2yr old- we packed up and moved back to the 'rents house. Just setting the scene so you'll understand that we are now dealing with a Momma Chaos with 2 little ones who's hubby is oceans away and is now living back home with her own parents. I may have been just a bit touchy.. Just sayin'.

One nite Daddy Chaos gives his weekly call.

Momma Chaos noticed right away that he was a bit hard to understand.. Something about the way she had to keep asking him "Huh?" "What the heck?" "Dude, spit out whatevers in your mouth and speak!"

Then it hit her.. Daddy Chaos had gotten himself drunk w/his buddies and gotten his idiot tongue pierced.. I wont use the exact language that was said (remember hormonal woman on your hands here!) but to sum it up, Daddy Chaos was told that when he finally got his jerk butt home from that stupid far away country there had better not be anything sticking out of his tongue or any holes there!

Daddy Chaos did the responsible thing- cuz he's scared of a post birth , husband deprived, living at home with her parents Momma Chaos - and he took that tongue stud right out.. By the time he got home, you couldn't even tell it'd been there. lol.

Yeah I got off topic but .. well I've got nothing there.. lol! Now quick, if you haven't already done it- go to Essie's link & then go link back and tell us your deepest darkest non-torture secret :)


  1. OH! I am SO horrified at the drunk tongue piercing! LMAO!
    See though, I have only been pregnant once and so I never even knew that maternity undies existed. So.... guess I got me some shopping to do!

  2. Too funny. My husband is in Korea right now....not in the army, but teaching. I get a bit testy, too, from time to time....especially when I was trying to get five kids up and to school, while remembering that Korea is nicknamed "Land of the Morning Calm".


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