Thursday, April 30, 2009

Discovering the problem.

...continued ..

We get down to the hospital around 8pm and have to go to the ER to check in. We've done quite a few of these late nite ER check ins for Drool Prince before but never has it been quite so packed. Picture me looking around and trying to find the 'safest' non germ catching spot to sit while we wait. I did have Baby Bug with me after all & he had his surgery just a week prior so I did NOT want him getting sick.

Thankfully we got back into an ER room within 45mins which was pretty dang fast if you'd have seen how packed that room was. Our ER nurse did tell us that most were there for either a)asthma attacks, b) seizures or c) falling on their heads on concrete (3ppl). So at least it wasn't actual contagious stuff. Odd that everyone seemed to have the same issues at once.

Drool Prince got hooked up to monitors and put in bed to watch cartoons while we began our 4hr wait to get a room on the cardio floor. We went for an xray to verify whether the lead was broken or just needed adjustment. I'd been assured that the xray could confirm lead breakage and we'd be done with tests OR it could confirm the lead was fine & we'd begin a marathon of tests to find out what the actual problem is. Kinda hard to know what exactly to wish for.

Our nurse came in around midnight & had the forbidden needles with her. She said the xray confirmed the lead was broken so she got to come start an IV and take blood. Drool Prince was NOT happy.. It took three of us to hold him down to get the vampires satisfied. Poor kid :(

The resident came in to talk to us just before we went up to our new room (ironically the same shared room we were in when he got his pacemaker implanted). Not only was the lead broken (he only has 1 lead) but it was in two complete pieces. Apparently that's pretty rare because all the drs we talked to over the next two days were in awe of that. It was explained to us that normally when a lead is 'broken' it still looks intact yet you can see a small sliver or fracture on it. Apparently Drool Prince doesn't do things half way- his was in once piece up by his heart and another piece down by his pacemaker.. lol.

So we were sent up to our room to settle in and wait to be fit into the surgery schedule the next day. Our nurse that night was Awesome! He was soo sweet, even asked to hold Baby Bug. He let us all stay in the room there w/ Drool Prince- daddy & I took turns sleeping w/ Drool Prince in his big bed and sleeping w/ Baby Bug on the pull out chair bed.

The wait had begun..

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