Sunday, November 4, 2007

Home at last!

After spending the last few days at the hospital (between pre-op testings, actual surgery and then recovery) I am happy to be home!! Not to mention the fact that we didn't get a private room this time! Ugh, if you've ever shared a hospital room you know how small they can be! It's even worse IMO, when it's at a children's hospital on the heart floor.. HELLO? These kids have had heart surgery ,are not going to be in the best of moods, and you want to put more than one of them together!? lol! Our roommates were a single mom of twins- one twin in the hospital and one just tagging along in his carseat. Mom was just a tad bit psycho but who am I to judge? She seemed nice enough to your face but then was irrate with the nurses about wanting a screen to go around her son's bed so that "those people" (ie. us) couldn't look at her son.. Sorry lady, I have enough on my plate to be worrying about your son. And hey no need to thank me for getting the nurse when you were out wandering the halls and your 7wk old was screaming. But I digress.. All that's important is that surgery went well & hopefully this is it until we have to get the pacemaker replaced in 5-7yrs. Drool Prince had a very rough day after surgery but got to feeling a bit better yesterday. Thankfully we had a fairly short stay in the hospital & Drool Prince is happy to be home.. I think?! He's still pretty sore today and having a hard time getting comfy and realizing that he's just not yet up to playing. I'm just happy that the surgery is over with and I dont have to worry about it anymore! Now to just figure out how in the world to keep a 19mo from leaning over things to pull himself up ever.again! Wish me luck!

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