Sunday, November 4, 2007

November is Adoption Month :)

I haven't talked much about adoption on this blog yet.. It is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Spoiled Princess is adopted from the state. Her adoption was final last June when she was 17mo. We got her at 2days old, our own sweet little bug. Very little involvement with her biological parents made her even more like completely our own. We didn' really have to deal with visits, caseworkers or the policitcs involved in dealing with DCS .... or CPS... or FSSA or whatever they call it in your area.. Too bad things have not went quite so smoothly with Drool Prince. We are knee deep and wandering aimlessly around the muck waiting on the next step for his adoption. While I know his adoption should happen, it's so hard to sit and wait. I know that his biodad wants us to adopt and that his biomom should be terminated eventually.. It's the waiting that kills me, the what if's.

What brought up all this endless babbling up?? It's November! November is national adoption month! I would love to get to adopt D.Prince on National Adoption Day but obviously that wont be happening. Instead, I'll just hug him a tad bit tighter that day (of course with his newest love-puppy between us to protect the surgery incision)and try to patiently wait my turn...

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