Monday, November 5, 2007

Taking smelly feet to a whole new level!

I recently received an email describing the newest proven method to stop a cough in children. Rub vicks vaporub onto their feet, place socks on & the coughing will stop within 5mins. They will sleep well & have cough relief for hours!! Apparently the soles of the feet have wonderous absorbing abilities. Of course I had to it before tossing this advice out to the blogging world.. Who am I to spread untrue rumors involving children's feet?!

Snopes claims the rumor to be undetermined. The NRC (National Research Council of Canada-- hmm shouldn't that be NRCC?) would like to dispell their portion of the rumor to state that they have not done any studies on this and therefore have no knowledge of whether it works..

Nevertheless, I will be trying it out just once to see if it works for me. Which is better I ask you? To force your child to wear the smelly vicks on their chest & throat while wearing a bandana and looking like some villian on an old cowboy movie (as was done in my childhood) or to cover their smelly little feet with even smellier vicks & put some socks on.. I mean if it were me, I'd prefer it on my feet. lol! Good luck, let me know if anyone tries it!

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  1. Never heard this one. Good to know. I have been thinking about this year's cold season and am not looking forward to it at all. Good tip!


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