Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No toys this year!

I don't know about you, but I am practically petrified of buying toys this year for Christmas. If you look in the news all that seems to be showing up is how China is screwing up everyone's toys. First the lead episode with millions of toys that practically everyone seems to have in their houses.

Now the newest? Australia is recalling their toy of the year (Bindeez Beads) because it has been found to contain a chemical that the body converts to a very powerful DATE RAPE drug.. Come on people, WTF? Where is was this toy manufactured you might ask? Yup, China.. What the hell is going on here? One or two small screwups, ok sure. double check your toys for recalls.. But how in the HELL does a date rape drug get accidentally put into a child's toy?? According to my yahoo researching, 3 children have been hospitalized so far.. I'm just disgusted, terrified to buy new toys and wanting to go kick some major idiot a$$ of whoever is responsible for this! That's it, my kids are getting clothes for Christmas!
** Edited to add- I found another link that confirms my suspicions.. These same beads (called Aqua Dots here in the US) are also being recalled here as well! 2 US kids have been hospitalized along with the 3 Aussie kids.. Ugh.. What is the world coming to?!

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  1. I agree...we have four children ranging in ages from 11 to 1 month. I am afraid to buy my youngest a teething ring because they are all made in China and it was made to put in the mouth...great place for lead. I think we are just going to do savings bonds and maybe video games or an ATV for the three older ones...they don't put lead in go-carts or 4-Wheelers right? And Santa Claus does drop off savings bonds right? Great points!
    stef hostetler


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