Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MMM.. Charred poptarts anyone?

I am not a morning person. never have been, never will be. So when it comes to breakfast on school days, I am content to let DramaQueen & AttitudeKing fill themselves with bowls of cereal or poptarts. Even worse mom that I am (*gasp* I'm admitting that aloud?), I even let them MAKE their own poptarts! I know, the horrors huh?! I'm sure that goes right along with the stories of my parents who had to walk to school with no shoes in the snow, 10miles UPHILL each way..

Imagine my surprize when AttitudeKing comes out of the kitchen, grabs the air freshener out of the bathroom and rushes back to the kitchen.. hmmm , interesting.. A few moments later he comes coughing out of the kitchen- ok now I have to investigate! It seems my darling genius child has decided to put his poptart in the microwave vs the toaster (which was out on the counter btw) to heat his poptart.. Ok no biggie right? No biggie at all, except when you put said poptart into said microwave and then hit 3:00 before pushing start.. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the boy put a poptart in the microwave for 3minutes!!
The smell gradually worked it's way thru the entire house.. And of course since it was only 32* this morning, I couldn't exactly open all the windows to air out the house now could I? Have you ever smelled charred poptart?? Let me tell you it is not a pleasant smell! I did ask A.King if he thought it was really a good idea to put a poptart in the microwave for 3minutes and he responded that it seemed good at the time.. Apparently he has now learned the errors of his ways! No more microwaving poptarts- or maybe anything for that matter!
Thankfully it did finally warm up to a brisk 66* and I opened all the windows and aired out the house.. The microwave , on the other hand, still smells like someone put a wet cat into it and I have no clue how to get that smell to go away . Any tips anyone?

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  1. Too funny. I love PopTarts though so charred or not, they are scrumptous. Sorry, don't have any tips for you. I am a microwave-clean nut though and just wrote a post about (for tomorrow though) and I think I would have a heart attack with this. Good thing I have a few years left before my little guy starts burning stuff.


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