Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad Backs at work

What happens when you try to get up from the couch while holding your very grumpy, stressed out 1yr old??

Well if you're me, you'll only get about halfway up & then have the worst possible pain in your back which will then cause you to set the baby on the floor and stay hunched over for about 10mins while trying to move w/o killing myself.

Dang kid threw my back out again.. I swear this is the SECOND time this kid has gotten the best of me.. Good thing is that I can sit hunched over, just have to remind myself not to sit up straight or there willl be hell to pay!!

Sucks worse than the pain is that the baby is still in his post visit mode which means he simply cannot live w/o being attached to me 23/24hrs per day. Momma can't pick him up so I guess I'll spend the next few days on the floor with him? Here's hoping things look better tomorrow..

Now I"m off to go cook some fresh garden grown (at gpa's house not mine- geesh, I dont have time for a garden! plus anything I planted would DIE or kill us..) green beans all while hunched over the stove.

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