Monday, August 17, 2009

Need Advice!

Alright my following (ok ok I know I'm definitely not big enough to have a following but it sounded nice didn't it? Oh hush!), I am in need of your advice.

Drool Prince is 3 1/2yrs old. He potty trained at 2 1/2 when Spoiled Princess potty trained.. It didn't stick. Baby Bug was born, he had to see Biomom occasionally (which stresses him to no end).. It just didn't stay. No biggie, he was still young.

This winter became the time to register the little kids for preschool..

Spoiled Princess is definitely going. She has never really been way from Momma & our kindergarten is all day long- sorry not doing that w/o some sort of transition.

I had the option of enrolling Drool Prince as well. He really wants to go to preschool b/c naturally he wants to do anything that Spoiled Princess does. One problem- you have to be 100% potty trained. At the time, I assumed by this summer it wouldnt' be an issue so we signed up and took the very last 3yr old spot. Woohoo us!

Preschool ,my friends, starts NEXT MONDAY! ONE WEEK from now.. Drool Prince is not 100% potty trained. He still wears pull ups.. Some days he goes potty all day long and wakes up dry. Other days he pees and poops in his pants all day long with no shame. Still other days he stays dry off and on and pees off and on.. There is no rhyme or reason.

I am at a loss here.. I've tried bribery, I've tried taking stuff away, I've tried just giving up and saying he'll do it when he does it.. The problem is that he REALLY wants to go to preschool. He does.. It's only 2days a week for 3hrs /day.. BUT I dont want to send him (plus it's against rules) if he's going to be having accidents.. I'm not really even sure if he's allowed to wear pull ups or not.. I don't want him to be labeled the pee baby kid.. I really don't want to put him in that spot.. But on the other hand, I've been telling him that school starts soon & he can't pee his pants if he wants to go to school.. I'm not sure what the issue is but the boy does have some stress..

#1. We have Southern Darlin' in the house now.. Overall they get along very well but she has taken over his spot as Spoiled Princess' #1 playmate.

#2. We are doing visits with Biomom (for baby bug) again. While he doesn't have to see her, I do believe it stresses him out to even go to the DCS office and see her there.. She has approached him twice and tried to speak to him but both times he just turned his head and ignored her.

Soo what should I do? Should I just ignore the accidents & send him to preschool in a pull up?

Should I just hold him out this year and let him try again next year?

Any suggestions are welcome.. The time is ticking.


  1. My seven year old still has accidents. While I don't know jack about toddlers, I'd say send him if we wants to go and if it doesn't go well just pull him out and try again next year. My kid's doctor keeps on telling me that kids will do it less if they are around their peers because they will get embarrassed. While her theory doesn't work for my son, it may work for yours. Whenever I stop at the kids school, there are always a handful of peed up kids there anyways. Oh well. Makes my kid feel at home.

  2. Yep, I would send him anyway too. For only a few hours a day he might manage it on his own. Any chance he would understand if you explained it to him? That they won't let him come back if he has an accident?
    If he is asked to leave, well than so be it. He cannot be the only "inconsistent" kid his age, I mean seriously!
    And, keep his liquids down a few hours before he goes!

  3. I in all my infinite wisdom (snort) say for the next few days just put him in underwear. Loose the pull up...those things are just diapers!

    He will *hopefully* learn quick that he doesn't like the wet feeling and will want to go to the bathroom. Start today taking him to the potty every hour. If he goes, lots of praise. If he doesn't, say okay we'll try again in an hour. Let me know if you feel it before that. All day long keep taking him to the bathroom.

    More work for you, but that's the fastest way I can see doing it.

    As far as preschool..even if they require them to be potty trained, what are they going to do if he does have an accident? String him up by his toes? I'm pretty sure legally they can't kick him out (or exclude in the first place) for such a reason.

    My .02¢

  4. I just had a stroke of brilliance. Technically, enuresis is a disability so you could say that he is disabled and that you will sue them if they send him home for pee discrimination. Hee hee.

  5. A backyard. A bucket. And no pants. He can't come in til there's something in the bucket.

  6. I would go ahead and send him. They should have everyone leave a change of clothes at school in case of accidents so it shouldn't be a problem.

  7. send him, send him! At least give it a shot. Tell him he can't go if he has accidents... kids usually have a way of controlling their accidents when it bennefits them :)
    If they kick him out, they kick him out. But give it a shot.


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