Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy day funnies.

It's been raining alot lately. Really storming is a better term.. Torrential Downpour describes it most accurately. I honestly need to start looking at my weather forecast in the mornings before I leave.

This was todays :

Now see if I had read that I might have been prepared with an umbrella
(agrilla according to Spoiled Princess) or maybe a rain slicker or something..
Alright I admit I have none of those but I probably would have bought one if
I had thought of it and therefore had it to offer.

So this morning dawns and it has already rained.. I navigate the kids carefully
around to the van so they don't all step in the wet grass and end up with
soaking wet shoes (of which consist 1 pair flip flops, 1pair sandals & 1 pair
crocs). We all make it in fairly dry! Woohoo - 1pt for Mommy!

When we arrive at Southern Darlin's school, she decides she wants to walk
herself in (no biggie) and promises that she can find her own classroom today.

Me: Did you not find your classroom yesterday?
SD: No, I went to the wrong one and they made me leave and go to my own.
Me : *snort & giggle* Are you sure you don't want us to walk you in today?
SD: Nope!

So we pull into the line up of cars waiting to release their kiddos. Our turn
arrives & I go back to unbuckle Southern Darlin' from her seat, help her get
her backpack (pakpak) on & open the door.

It is just starting to drizzle so I told her to go ahead and run to the door so
she doesn't get wet.

The girl JUST steps her feet out of the car when that lovely downpour just
comes out of nowhere!

I admit to giggling just a tad as I watched her run screaming that 5yr old
girlie shriek to the door all the while getting thoroughly drenched!

Mother of the Year Award right there!

After watching my daughter get completely soaked, I went to McD's for a
coke -lite ice. Tea was all out at home & I had to brew more..

Sorry peeps, I need instant gratification & I needed a drink NOW.

It is still raining, although not the complete downpour anymore, when I get
into the drive-thru.

I paid @ the first window & said hi the girl that I am beginning to know
rather well (dang $1 drinks). As I am pulling away I notice she got rained
on.. Funny how the rain is going sideways b/c I didn't get anything in the
window. Oh well.

As I'm @ the second window and getting my drink, I watch the girl get a
big stream of water thrown in her face!

Ha, that was funny.. How in the world?

I say my thanks (cuz I'm polite like that) and begin rolling up my window.
Poor girl didn't get her drive-thru window closed quickly enough because
another large stream of water came in and hit her in the face!

I then realized I had forgotten to turn off my windshield wipers and they
were tossing all this water into McD's... Oopsie..

I cackled about that the entire way home.

Unintentional- sure. Hilarious- absolutely!!


  1. I LOVE it! Sounds like my kinda morning!

  2. This really shouldn't be funny, but I can't stop laughing. I can just visualize it....


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