Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I absolutely love Fall..  It's one of my favorite seasons, along with Spring.

There's just something about those two in between seasons that pull me in.  Not too hot, not too cold, wonderful colors all around.  Perfect.  Just like baby bear's porridge.  Just Right! 

The leaves are not quite yet changing around here but the temperature is beginning to drop. 

It's time to pull out our jackets, trade the bare feet and flip flops for socks and shoes.

Normally by the first hint of chilly air, I have the furnace cranked on.  Momma- she likes to be comfy.  I really prefer my house 72-74 year round and that's about where I keep it, frugalness be damned!  This year I'm holding off.  No furnace yet.  The house has only gotten down to 67 which is pretty good considering someone told me it was in the high 30's the other morning. 

Am I cheap? Sure, we all know that by now and if you don't then you must be new around these parts but that's not why I haven't turned on the furnace yet.   It's the lil boys.  The furnace means it's drier in the house despite the built in humidifier.  Drier house + asthma = not a fun time.   So I'm putting it off a little longer, giving the kids an extra blanket for their beds.. putting the littler ones in the footsie jammies that I so love..   Someday soon I'm going to have to crank the heat on and deal with the after effects but for now, we're doing good.

Soo, tell me.. What is your favorite season and why?

* In full disclosure as much as I would love to claim it, that pic is not mine. Photo by *Micky via Flickr (Creative Commons)*

Lots of love,

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