Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When Sleeping is a No-No.

What NOT to do if you want to keep your toddler from napping :

1. Do NOT go anywhere in the car. If your toddler is anything like mine, the minute I get the car moving (if it's naptime) he is out like a little light.

2. Do not let him sit still too long.  Again, if it's naptime and my kid isn't preoccupied he is out like a light.

3. hmm, I guess my list isn't very long.. I might need help with this.

Normally I am not one to try and keep my kids from napping.  Hello- naptime= Mommytime.  Sadly, tonite is TheToddler's latest scheduled sleep study.  The instructions this time request that we not let him nap.

I don't think they know who they're talking about.

My toddler takes a nap at basically the same time Every.Single.Day !  He doooves his naps. He sleeps for a good 2-3hrs.  My kid LIKES his sleep..

Sure he turns blue when he sleeps.  Sure he gasps & chokes.  Sure he stops breathing.. Still he likes to sleep, maybe just to make Momma sit here and watch him to make sure he's still alive for the entire time.

So the last sleep study said that despite his tonsil & adenoid surgery a year ago, he still has Obstructive Sleep Apnea & yes it has progressed from mild to moderate.  On top of that, he also has "significant" hypoventilation.  Darn Co2 retention is too high for too long.  So it has been decided that he has to go on Cpap.  We've spent the past month or so trying out different cpap masks trying to find one that he'd tolerate and we are finally there! Now we go in and get hooked up to all the lovely sleep study stuff PLUS a cpap machine to see how he does.  Fun times.

Since I never got around to telling you more about the night from hell sleep study in July, I'll share some pics this time to help explain my predicament. 

First they measure and mark spots all over TheToddler's head, next they scrub on those spots to clean them (he no likey) ,then they attach little electrodes covered in a lovely pasty substance to each of those spots and wrap his head in gauze so he looks like a little baby mummy.

There are also some electrodes on his shoulders & legs as well as attached to two belts that they put on (chest and stomach).  All in all, LOTS of wires are coming off the poor kid .

 All of this, he tolerates pretty well.  He puts up with it but he doesn't like it.. The wires all coming off make for fun times since he tends to be a restless sleeper and gets all tangled up repeatedly resulting in Momma having to wake up and untangle him over ..and over.. and over again.   I will say it again.  FUN TIMES.

Last but not least, they do the nose crap.. First one that is taped just across his upper lip, under his nose.  Yeah, try that one with a kid who does not want you touching anywhere near his nose.  As if that weren't enough insult, they shove another set of little nasal things (that look like o2 tubing) up his nose..  We spent HOURS trying to get him to leave them on.  Putting them on while he was awake, trying to wait til he went to sleep.. over and over. 

Poor baby didn't have a fun time and Momma certainly didn't either.   This time is slightly different as we'll be trialing the Cpap machine this time.  I was told that Yay, no sticky bar across upper lip!  Yay!  But we still have to have the one that looks like o2 tubing..  I slightly questioned the lady on the phone as to How in the HECK they are going to get that in his nose while he has his mask on and was just told that the tech will work around it but he has to wear it.. Yeah, good luck.

pic of TheToddler wearing his mask. Note this is not today, we are forgoing naps today : (

As I'm sure you can tell,  I do not have high hopes for this one to work out well. I am really hoping it does & hoping he surprises me but I'm fairly certain I'm in for another night from hell.   Wish us luck and send some sleep vibes around 8pm EST if you would! 

And now I am off to chase down TheToddler who is meowing to the dog.

**Edited to add- as much as I complain about these things, I realize they need to be done and I am looking forward to the help it will hopefully give TheToddler in the long run.  I am not looking forward to the entire experience more on his own behalf than mine. I know this will be traumatizing for him and wish I could somehow ease it or explain it to him. ** 

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