Monday, October 11, 2010

A Crick in the Plans..

It's been one of those days.  I know, I know.. It's only half way over but I'm calling it quits now.

I woke up , got the kids around and mentally made a list of things to do today.

Normally, I take the kids to school and bring the lil boys home to veg for a while. We just hang out playing cars, rolling balls, watching toons- basically vegging- til lunch time. After lunch is naps &/or preschool time.

Today, for whatever reason, I got a burr up my butt to go grocery shopping.  Alone with the two lil boys.  I know! What was I thinking?

Normally, we go grocery shopping as a family.  Don't ask me why, we've just always done it together.  So this was definitely out of the norm.. But hey, I'm frisky- I'll try something new! Yay!

I even clipped coupons.. I know, you're impressed right?

So I bribed the 4yr old- if you be really good while we're at the store, I'll take you out to lunch! Wherever you wanna go!!  (side note- I'd bribe the 2yr old but he's not one for communication so I just hoped for the best).

We wandered the aisles of Wal *cough* Mart. I did good! Really I did, I stuck to my list mostly.  Sure the 2yr old spied a matchbox car and sure it made him be quite and actually SIT in his seat so yeah, he got it.. You weren't there. You would have caved too.

We got out of grocery shopping and the kid was overall good so it was time to decide what he wanted to eat.  Promptly he proclaims : Mexican!   He wants to eat at Mexican!

We go down to one of my fav. little mexican restaurants (for a small town area not in the south, we have A LOT of non-chain mexican restaurants).  It's my favorite mainly because kids (3 & under) eat free- all the time, anytime.  Naturally it's a bit of a bummer now that Drool Prince is 4 and lost that but oh well.   We sat down only to discover that they had installed another tv near where we always sit and on it was....
...  Drum roll please.....
DORA!!   The boys were super excited.. Watching tv and eating at the same time? Awesome!! (rarely allowed at home, cuz I'm a mean momma).   It cracked me up  just a tad that Dora was on at the Mexican restaurant.. Come on, you know you wanted to giggle.

One thing I always ponder when I go to one of the local Mexican restaurants (I say local because they normally have not a single "english is my first language" person working there vs the chain restaurants where the chefs have probably never even been to Mexico) is should I attempt to say anything in Spanish?  I did take 4yrs of Spanish in high-school but that was a long time ago.. What if I say it wrong? It's not like I sit at home practicing rolling my rrr's (that always made my tongue tickle- is it just me?)..  In the end, I never try it because I don't want to be known as that silly white woman who *thinks* she can speak Spanish.

Anyway, back to my story.. As we left the restaurant, I realized Holy Mother of God! My back is in agony.. Somewhere between munching on my chips & salsa  and paying for my food, I managed to move just write to completely throw my back out.  It was so much fun hobbling to the car with a 2&4yr old..

So now I sit here in agony, unable to take anything better than a tylenol -which  let's face it, I might as well take a shot of chocolate and it'd help as much- because I have to drive again in an hour to pick everyone up from school.

The morale to this story :: Getting all frisky and doing things you wouldn't normally do might just put a crick in your plans (or your back).

Second Morale of the story::  When you a)get old or b) have a flimsy back  you should never move without first thinking, hmm will this kill me for hours later?

In pain,


  1. ouch! sorry to hear about your back. hope you're all better. BTW, thanks for stopping by Small Burst!

  2. See this is why I stay in my routine. Never veer from routines. Bad this seem to happen. Have to admit though, I did chuckle a little. (Been there and all). Hope you feel better soon.


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