Thursday, June 3, 2010

I never did anything to it..

so I don't know why my uterus hates me so.

When I was younger (pre-kids) my uterus and I did not get along.  It sent me horrible lay in bed cramps and made me miserable every month. If I didn't always want a zillion kids I would have begged some doctor to just take the stupid thing out because it gave me nothing but problems.

Then I made peace with the monster and let it nourish 3 kiddos in the span of 9 years.  Finally we were at peace.. No more battle crys from the uterus.  Everything was hunky dory.

Then we started adopting the orphans (sorry Annie, gotta steal your terminology for a moment) and  ole Ute and I would have a few fights, nothing huge mind you- just enough for it to remind me  "Hello, still here.. USE ME!"

It's been 6years since the old beast was last used.. We have 4 new kids- none of whom it got the chance to grow.. I think  my uterus has finally come to terms with the fact that Daddy Chaos does not plan to ever again participate in helping it carry another baby nor are we making a visit to the reproductive dr to help someone else..  It's usefulness has come to an end.   This uterus will not go down without a fight.. Each month, it sends  more and more battle crys.. USE ME!! DAMN IT!! USE ME!!!!!

I'd like to publicly apologize to my poor uterus.. I would do it.. I would let you carry another baby (or two.. or three).. I'd love that.. It's all Daddy Chaos' fault.. He says we're done.  So quit putting ME thru hell.. Stop sending me migraines, cramps & for the LOVE of God quit trying to claw your way out of my body..  Go attack Daddy Chaos..  Figure it out.  Hell talk to his reproductive parts and tell them to knit back together and then you two can make babies and it's not my fault.. Otherwise bugger off..   I will find a way to shut you up and you probably wont like it..  Let's just live in peace..  please?

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