Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dont talk bad about your computer.. It may just run away !!

The kids are napping and I have less than an hour before I have to rush out the door again to pick up Southern Darlin' & take her to a psych appt..  What better to do with my one hour than to try to blog?!

Have I mentioned that my computer is in the shop? Stupid thing.. I love it and hate it all at once. The geek said something about maybe the motherboard or I dont know, I saw something shiny and couldn't concentrate on his prattle.  We did the smart thing and backed up all the pictures on a CD.. Yay! I take Wayyy too many pictures and it would have killed me to lose them... So I was all smug when we dropped it off- do what you will, I have what I really need off of it.  A few days later it hit me..  I have kept a journal for each of the 4 youngest.. From the date I got  "the call" til the day they were adopted (or still going for the youngest 2).. All the ups and downs, all the gossip that you hear, all the stuff their birthparents were or weren't doing on the plan.. Basically their life stories along with my thoughts & feelings until they were legally mine..   Can you figure out WHAT I didn't back up??  Ahhhhh!!   So now I'm sincerely hoping that whatever is wrong with that cursed computer is something that can be fixed without totally demolishing my stuff that's on there.. Probably unlikely, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.  and I will quit saying bad things about it just in case the computer can hear me in geekland.. I <3 you computer!! Get well soon!

In anticipation to my computer being in the shop, Daddy Chaos drug out the very old laptop for me to use ( I mean geesh, it has Windows XP .. who uses that anymore.. ha) & then put in Drama Queen's room when my computer is returned to me.  The only problem?? The very reason we quit using it.. The battery is completely 100% shot.. So if the power cord even jiggles a little, the laptop then immediately dies.. On the spot.. Do you KNOW how many times that happens in a day with kids running all over the place?? I basically have given up.  But the kiddos are sleeping and I thought I'd just try it for a few minutes..  ack..


Drool Prince used to be my good sleeper.. I would put him in bed and he fell asleep instantly.. Head to pillow = snores.  He slept for 12-14 hrs a nite PLUS a 2-3 hr nap..  Apparently those days are over.. He doesn't fuss about going to bed, and quite honestly I think could still use all the sleep but he is having problems going to sleep.. He lays in bed and talks to himself.. or sings to himself..

The other nite, everyone else was sleeping and I was still up (which in itself seems odd but oh well).. I could clearly hear him talking in his room.. So I went in and reminded him to be quiet, quit talking & go to sleep.. Yes Mommy..
I stood outside his door to see if he really would comply..Sure enough a moment later he starts whispering again.. this time I waited to hear what he had to say.. I cracked the door enough to watch him laying there talking to the air ::

No, dont' pull it off.. It will hurt.  It might bleed.. We'll have Mommy cut it for us.

No.. No.. dont' do it.. Mommy will cut it if we ask her.

No, stop. dont pull it off. I dont want hurts.

Finally I go in and tell him to quit talking (I'm not talking Mommy) and go to sleep.. Sure enough the invisible person he was talking to had pulled off his nail- way back.. I'm thinking he should have fought harder to win that battle bc Mommy would have just clipped the nail & there would have been no pain. Crazy kid! Multiple personalities or an active imagination.. Either way, at least I know that the smart good boy is in there fighting to win the battle :)

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  1. For the power cord situation, I use an elastic band around the back, and over the plug. It seem to work well enough.

    I'm sorry about the journals- I'm adding my good vibes to yours.

    And as for Drool Prince...well, at least his shoulder angel is going strong!


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