Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A baby no more..

Alas, the day has come..  I knew it would get here but I was trying to hide from it.. Damn thing found me anyway..

The Toddler has turned 2..  Gone are the days of people asking me how old he is & responding in months. Just saying 2yrs old sounds sooo grown up..

 I know, I know.. Kids grow up. Its inevitable.. Dang babies just can't stay babies.  This one is my very last baby (so Daddy Chaos says.. and I think I believe him this time) and is especially hard on me..

No one seems to understand.. Sure you're kid is growing up.. He's no longer a baby, he's a toddler.. big whoopie..

I am mourning the baby that he was, even while I look forward to the little boy he's becoming.. Being the youngest of 6, he'll always be 'the baby' but it's hard to see him grow up.. Why does no one else understand this? My mom, who is not a little kid person, thinks it's great.. You'll finally be out of that baby stage.. Uhm yes I will, but I love the baby stage-- hello, why do you think I have 6 kids?? lol!

I firmly believe The Toddler knows what a hard time Momma is having with him suddenly growing up on me. He has cuddled all day long :)  He's come running up to me just to give me a big hug and kiss.. Yes, he'll always be Mommas baby but he's growing up.

Happy Birthday Baby Bug!!!


  1. Happy birthday to the baby :)

    And at least you're having an issue with a *human* baby growing up. My nine month old kitten is practically a cat, and I'm having a *total* identity crisis and browsing the Humane Society's websites....

  2. Ashley, ha! Well I can relate to you even if our babies aren't the same species.. I keep threatening to call DCS & bug them to call me with another baby but Daddy Chaos says no :( He's dang lucky he got snipped years and years ago.. lol


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