Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still here, call back the troops..

I know, I know.. Where has Momma Chaos been?!  Geesh already, right?!

Between Gpa Chaos being VERY ill again (another post entirely), running around in the few moments I've not been at the hospital with him & my computer deciding to take a dump.. Yeah, I've been busy.. Naturally when I had a few moments to sit down and write, that would be when the computer refused to turn on.... or even better would turn on & put these funny dots on my screen to taunt me.. Arrgh!

So let's see.. What have you guys been up to?? I haven't even been able to go read my feeds.. I miss my bloggy world!  My phone has internet, but has none of my bookmarks.. I guess that's something to sit down and do when I have a free moment (ha).   I'll give you the short version here and try more in depth later (if the computer doesn't have a fit at me, shhh love my computer.. nice computer.. good girl..) 

You all might recall that Gpa Chaos was very ill back in March.. They said  he had meningitis & encephalitis.. Yeah that's what they  said .. funny how they never got the labs back to prove it.. Gotta love drs.   So a week ago Monday (4/10 for those of you that don't speak Momma), Gpa Chaos ended up back in the hospital.  He is still there now.  We have dealt with seizures,  delirium, being on the ventilator for days, not being able to talk & now slowly.. slowly recovering.. *knock on wood*  It has been a very scary time for Gpa & his loved ones.. On top of everything, we learned that he had a rather large stroke back in March & his lovely drs misdiagnosed him with meningitis instead.. hmmmm... If it looks like a stroke, acts like a stroke, talks like a stroke & the first head CT comes back normal... PROBABLY you should do a repeat head CT in 48hrs just in case..  Just sayin' .. I will post a more in depth on Gpa Chaos' story soon but for now keep him in your prayers because he still has a long road back..

In the midst of the Gpa Chaos hospital drama, my babies  went and graduated from preschool!! Awwww!!   Sadly I only got to watch Spoiled Princess' program because the preschool decided to have their classes do them separately because "We normally don't have families with children in more than one class".. Gee, thanks.. You all KNEW you did this year and couldn't make an effort? Bite me.. I'm not bitter or anything..  Luckily Cowie was able to come and I sent her to Drool Prince's graduation ceremony.. I lied, I'm completely bitter.  Regardless, it's over and done with.. I now have two preschool graduates..  Spoiled Princess will go onto kindergarten next year & Drool Prince is going to stay home with Momma for a year before it's his time to go.  There's already talk of trying to bust up into school & go this year, sorry boy..they wont let a 4yr old even if you are ready :(

My two little girls also had dentist appts during everything else.. I swear when it rains, right? They came away with perfect reports.. No cavities, nothing to worry about except a lecture that I shouldn't let them brush their own teeth.. Apparently according to the pediatric dentist, I need to brush my girls teeth until they are at least 10 & boys even longer because they just aren't coordinated enough to do it themselves.. Hmmm, no one ever told me that.. I kinda assumed when they are big enough & want to do it- hell, let them do it themselves.. One less chore for Momma.. Apparently, my bad.

Then my Big kids had dentist appts (different dentist b/c our family dentist doesn't take medicaid- poo on him, it just means he loses out on 4 of my kids..ha).  These two, flesh of my flesh, the ones that I grew in my womb & took care of ever moment that I knew of their existence.. The two that I Gave. Up. Caffeine for.. Yes those two have cavities.    I tried giving Drama Queen the speech on how I had worked soo hard to grow her little body (teeth included) right & it was perfect when I handed it over to her.. then she goes and messes up the teeth.  She shot right back with No, the dentist said it's a defect.. You didn't' grow them right, not my fault.. Seriously, WTH?? Apparently she's right.. So not only cavities, but really they are defective teeth.. Yes our dentist said it's a defect in how the molars grew.. I'm wondering if I can turn them back in?  Funny how some people can do Meth or other drugs, get absolutely no prenatal care and come in so strung out you don't know crap to have a baby- yet their kids turn out 100% healthy, and then others take perfect care of themselves during pregnancy have kids with DEFECTIVE teeth..  Geez..  Although to my defense, all four of my molars have fillings in the exact same spot.. My old dentist just never bothered to explain that it wasn't my brushing ability as a kid.. It was really just defectively formed teeth.. Thanks MOM. 

Lastly we have The Toddler.. He is turning two in just a few weeks.. I can barely mutter that word.. Gone will be the days of reciting his age in months.. Sure you still could but then you only look like a Momma who is just hanging on to the cord just a little too tightly.. The Toddler... he is out there.. CRAZY child to the extreme.. His favorite past-time is to either find a way to climb on the table & shake salt/pepper all over himself  Or my personal favorite  to take his pappies (his word for pacifier. it's a pappy) and dunk them into my drink thus not only contaminating the drink but spilling it all over as well.. Fun times... Remember those super expensive, OMG I'm gonna gag, sheets that Daddy Chaos bought??  The Toddler has soaked them twice this week..  TWICE.. We put on new sheets, no wetness.. Got the super expensive sheets out of the wash & put them back on- first nite on The Toddler peed thru again*..  I think he has a thing against them?  Perhaps he's peeing in protest to the cost I dont even want to talk about anymore??

That my friends has been my past two weeks.. Now, let's just hope nothing else crazy or disastrous happens and I'll be around to type some more!

*not to say that The Toddler actually sleeps in my bed on occasion.. cuz that would be against the rules and I would never say such a thing.. Actually I'm quite sure he pees in it from another room entirely :)

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