Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gpa Chaos

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that my dad aka Gpa Chaos has been ill. Very ill.

I kept promising a blog post about it but I just can't.  It's too emotional right now and I dont have it in me to let it out yet.  Once everything is over & he's all better -God, Goddess, Allah (whoever else you want to toss in) Willing,  I'll post it.. But for now things are still scary and sad .

Gpa Chaos has been in the hospital since last Thursday. The drs seem to be thrilled (and a bit surprised) that he's still alive.  But he's beating this still unknown enemy.. We are hoping he'll get to come home by this weekend but it's still a long road.. He has lost soo much mentally- odd little everyday items that he has no clue what they are, memory lapses where he's forgotten his grandkids, the ability to READ..  It's difficult to watch , let alone know how he is feeling so helpless and lost. Worried that he'll always be feeling lost.

Gpa Chaos really needs your prayers.. Prayers for a full recovery.. Prayers for health.. If all else fails, prayers that he can accept this new life.  We wont give up, we'll have full faith that he will  get well and be 100% again soon.  But prayers always help.

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