Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Growing up is hard to do..

It has occurred to me on various occasions that Daddy Chaos & I are still not what I consider "grown ups".  We got married very young (19 & 18 respectively) and were on our own immediately with a newborn soon to follow.  We were poor in the beginning, lordy were we poor but we made it thru. 

One thing we never did (among many) was gather what I consider "grown up" stuff.  I mean sure we have a couch & a table.. Beds for everyone.. But we have never owned an actual bedroom set.  Our walls are decorated with pictures of our kids (heck and pictures by our kids) but never really decorated with matching/coordinating things.   I have a few friends (surprised are you?) that while are my own age I have always felt that they had all the 'grown up' things. 

Our friends in Chicago, for example, have an always clean house that is tastefully decorated.  They have a guest bedroom complete with a bedroom set in there - winter and summer comforters- and that's just the spare room.

A newer set of friends that are local- while having 3 small children don't have the constantly clean house, they do have little things that tell you they are 'grown up'. Two lovely tables (kitchen & dining room) complete with table clothes and Centerpieces.. CENTERPIECES people.   My tables are always so cluttered that there wouldn't be room for a centerpiece..

When Daddy Chaos and I visit these homes, we always walk out saying to each other- some day we'll grown up & have 'grown up' things too.   I understand that these friends both had different lives than us.  They were both married w/o kids for many year so they had time (and $$) to gather and decorate.

I fully admit that part of the reason my house is not more "grown up" (good gosh are you tired of that phrase yet?) is because I am too cheap frugal cheapass to buy some of those things.. Don't get my wrong, I'll spend my last dime on something my kid eyed for 5 seconds.. but something for me? uhm no. Candles smell great but they cost a freakin fortune & then someone has to remember to light them AND blow them out. We all know my memory span.   Accesories are pretty to look at but have you seen the Price on most things today?  O. M. G!

The point to this story (I know you're saying Thank you God, there is a point!) is that we are finally growing up.. Sure it took 15yrs of marriage. So what. It will take many stages so that we survive it, of that I am sure!

It all started with our trip to that Far Far Away state.  Sure you are thinking adopting another kid is something to kick you in the ass and make you grow up.  Uhm no.  Sadly it's much simpler.  It was a bed.. Not just any bed but one that makes you want to never ever get up again.. To just lay there and blissfully sleep your life away (if you didn't have kids kicking you in the stomach/back & crawling all over you demanding attention).  Take a moment- go look at the bed.. 

I'll wait.. I always do..

Are you done?  Are you sure?? Did you really click over or did you just hover and say nah, I'm not clicking cuz you really need to read it there to appreciate the power of that bed..

Anyway.. Daddy Chaos told me I could only stay at the hotel and extra three days because that's all his credit card could afford.. Which made me sad until he promised me that he'd drive an extra hour out of his way to let me stay in another bed just like that one.. With that, I eagerly packed and said "Lets go now so we can get there sooner!" 

Upon our return home, I was still lulled in the wonderful drug that bed must emit into its unwitting sleepers.. Lulled enough that I was willing to go to the bed store & find the nearest comparison to the Bed of Wonder.  Lulled enough that I then looked the other way while Daddy Chaos signed away one of our kids to gain us this Almost Bed of Wonder.  They even delivered it the same day!

 This is our old bed.. Yes a waterbed.. Daddy Chaos has a special kind of hatred for it but has lived with it for many years just for me. We've had this bed for longer than I can remember but alas our mattress got a hole in it or Daddy Chaos peed on me, either way we had to put a new one in.. The new one was really a used one from my parents (ha- told you I was cheap) and was just not up to snuff.. It was NOT comfy.. Which I'm sure also attributed to my sudden giving over to the need to purchase a new bed..

This is our new bed.. A regular bed.. I'm still trying to decide if I like it.  I settled- I know, spend all that money and settle?.. The store had this one- sink in & die of bliss -bed but Daddy Chaos said ABSOLUTELY NOT.. So I settled for the sink in a tad and don't wake up miserable.  Personally I think I should want to die in bliss with the amount of money I had to shell out.. We shall see.. There is a 90day exchange, I may grow to love it or convince Daddy Chaos to die in bliss w/me..

As if buying the bed was not enough, it was then determined that a king size normal bed is slightly larger than a king size waterbed and we only had one pair of sheets that would fit the new mammoth.  So sheet shopping was in order.. I figured what the heck, I needed a complete comforter w/ the cool accent pillos & underskirt thingy to make me feel really grown up.  We went to Bed, Bath & Yonder & I picked out the cute set above.. I was so proud of myself to actually pay for it w/o breaking into a sweat.. Hell, I even splurged (almost died on the spot) and got new super to die for pillows.. $250 later and I am out to the car.. As I'm packing it all in the back, I look a little closer at my new everything.in.a.bag set only to realize that it's not really everything  because there are no sheets.. AHHHH.. Sheets, the very thing I actually went to shop for are not included.. Go figure.   At this point, I had enough of spending money on myself & sent Daddy Chaos back into the store alone with firm instructions- get sheets that Match and get OUT.. I sat in the car with the kids.  

Biggest Mistake of the day.

Daddy Chaos came back out with gorgous sheets that matched.. Two different sets of pillow cases because we HAVE to be coordinating if we're going to look grown up.  His little bag was around $100. I almost swallowed my tongue.   Imagine my reaction when we got home & started assembling the mess only to find out that the brand new 770thread count sheets Daddy Chaos had just bought for $70 was only a FITTED SHEET..  Yes $70 for half of what we needed..  I died on the spot & my ghost is now writing about it for you.  I just can't write anymore, it's too disturbing.

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  1. I hate sheets so I only use a fitted sheet anyway. I only put fitted sheets on all of our beds because the kids don't like them either and they just end up pushed to the bottom of the bed or off the bed... it makes life easier :)
    The bed is pretty though!


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