Thursday, April 22, 2010

I want to speak to whoevers in charge!

Hello?  Hello out there?   Who is in charge of growing up?  I know I just posted yesterday about Daddy Chaos and I finally starting our journey into adulthood but I didn't mean for it to kick me in the butt like that..

What makes you feel older than dirt itself (Happy Earth Day, btw) ?  For me, it's having your 12yr old- the baby of the older crew- come home and happily bounce around the house announcing "I have a GIRLFRIEND!"   Ack!! He's 12.. Newly 12.  I thought I had a few years before this? Aren't boys late bloomers?  Gack. I am sooo not ready for this.

On the bright side, it provides us parents tons of comic relief.  The boy takes after his father & his ears turn this lovely shade of red when he's embarrassed. Who can blame us when he's bouncing around going on and on about his new girlfriend.. We have to tease..  It's fun :)

Someone save me from kids that grow up too fast.. Pretty please?

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